Monday, March 30, 2009

I know my goodness it has been a while!!

Hello everyone, if anyone is still out there???
I am so sorry for my absence, but I am going to explain. I am still reading your blogs and enjoying all of you journey's, mine has just taken a turn.

I am in school now and working at a tea and sandwich shop, so my days are full everyday! I found the blog to be more of a chore for me and that is not at all what I think it should be! I always enjoy taking pictures of my food, trying new creative healthy meals, reading your comments and posting. But the stress of posting is sadly too much for me to handle at this juncture in my life. I plan to blog again when I am more settled in my new routine. I am still eating as balanced and healthy as I can and making my trips to the gym. But for me the most important thing is my relationships and the blog was keeping me from precious free time to spend with my bf, friends and family.

I will for sure get this all balanced as well as my eating and get back in the blogging saddle again!!!!! Because I miss YOU all so much!!!! Most of all I miss the readers, you all hold a dear place in my heart and there is a hole there now! So my vaycay (if you will) from this blog is temporary.

I hope you will understand and support my decision. I miss you and will never forget my first blog!!!!!
Love and hugs


  1. Good luck with school and everything. I totally agree that when it becomes a chore it's time ot throw in the towel! All the best!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck with everything. We all understand.

  3. Good luck! Get out there and HAVE FUN :D

    - Sagan

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