Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Plate Decorator Has Moved!

Hey everyone,
I have moved to www.startingoffhungry.wordpress.com
Please check it out!
Love y'all

Monday, March 30, 2009

I know my goodness it has been a while!!

Hello everyone, if anyone is still out there???
I am so sorry for my absence, but I am going to explain. I am still reading your blogs and enjoying all of you journey's, mine has just taken a turn.

I am in school now and working at a tea and sandwich shop, so my days are full everyday! I found the blog to be more of a chore for me and that is not at all what I think it should be! I always enjoy taking pictures of my food, trying new creative healthy meals, reading your comments and posting. But the stress of posting is sadly too much for me to handle at this juncture in my life. I plan to blog again when I am more settled in my new routine. I am still eating as balanced and healthy as I can and making my trips to the gym. But for me the most important thing is my relationships and the blog was keeping me from precious free time to spend with my bf, friends and family.

I will for sure get this all balanced as well as my eating and get back in the blogging saddle again!!!!! Because I miss YOU all so much!!!! Most of all I miss the readers, you all hold a dear place in my heart and there is a hole there now! So my vaycay (if you will) from this blog is temporary.

I hope you will understand and support my decision. I miss you and will never forget my first blog!!!!!
Love and hugs

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The wonders of the world

Hello Bloggers!!!
The wonders of the world I would love to see are the Pyramids, but the wonders of the world I am facing every day are not as extravagant. Like school and food service and relationships. I think that I am in a very fragile state with changing careers and so don't mind me if I talk about my struggles with leaving the Film Industry to become a college student. It is not all set in stone yet but my mind is pretty made up.

I am in a mood I can not quite describe, I had a headache most of the afternoon and was not feeling tip top so I lied down with Bravo and caught up on some silly TV shows. Once Sean got home I was in a much better mood and am now feeling well enough to look at the computer screen. I think it was all the reading I did for my Psych class. I am not used to looking at a text book and never really read much of them in my high school days ( I was too interested in boys, art and parties). But now in my young adulthood I am finding it still just as challenging so I am a bit upset. I have no prob doing homework or listening to lectures but I know the reading will kill me. Any tips? Anybody more left brained with some study tips??? My sister gave me great advice (very left brained) and told me to type my notes and go to the library after class to do the reading when I am in study mode and I think I will try that!

Anyways... my mind is a bit mushy now so I will move on to my eats!
Bfast; Small orange, cereal with Almond Milk and raisins:
Delish! And in case you were wondering I am still lightening my grain load in the morning. This mornings bowl was 1.5 cups total and 1.25 cups milk.
I was just amazed at how beautifully my V-Day flowers have bloomed!
for my mid morn snack I had a Larabar in Gingersnap (no pic) and this snack I had mid afternoon:
For lunch I packed a very "kid" like meal in my eyes; WW English muffin, 2 tbsp of Almond and PB which I made into a sammie and grilled at work. I also packed 2 carrots and an apple sauce with blueberries!!
After work I went to school and bought my textbook for way more than I planned and then went to Trader Joes to do some very needed groecery shopping. As I said I was battling a headache so I ate a very early dinner, I always think I need food if I have a headache, which was leftovers:
This meal was even better today! For dessert I had some dried mango and some fat free Caramel Popcorn form TJ's!
And I had Tofuti Cutie!!! I love these if you have not tried them I suggest doing so! They are vegan ice cream sandwiches!!!! This pic does no justice, so I will have to have one tomorrow to try to get a better pic!
Ok I am off to watch Dexter with my honey and get some rest. I sadly got no exercise in today unless you count walking in TJ's or serving coffee for 6 hours?!?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Psych Here I come!

Well yes I am officially a college student! I am so excited about my class!! My proff is awesome and very kind. I was worried cause I have a wedding to go to on June 12th, our finals are June 10th and Sean might have to leave before then cause he is in the wedding (the best man to be exact, it's his cousins wedding). So after class I introduced myself to my new proff (very Rory Gilmore of me) and told him of the possible dilemma. He was shockingly understanding and told me to have no fear I can just take it early if need be. So with that all assured and my first day out of the way I was flying!

I started my school day (I just love saying that) with a smaller than usual bowl of cereal. I am out of bananas shock I know and so I opted for a small orange and raisins and felt like going a bit light on the grains too. I had 1/2 cup twigs and flakes and 1/2 cup Kashi Sunshine and 1 cup skim.

After my lovely class with lecture included I was hungry hungry! I was able to come home before work so I whipped up a bowl of Fage 0% with an Apricot Cliff bar and also had a small apple:
For lunch I packed this veggiefilled meal; salad with Cuban black beans from TJ's, fire roasted salsa, 2 carrots, and pureed Butternut squash!
It was delish but didn't hold me long at work I was starved when I got home and a bit overwhelmed by the TO DO list so I poured a celebratory first day of school glass of Vino:

And quickly put together a meal of Soba noodles, kale, stir fried tofu and ate it with Seasoned Nori:

The most delish combo!! I will prob eat the left overs tomorrow night!
Well I am off to buy my text book holy geeze those things are expensive! And watch the tube and go to bed!
Good night ya'll!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well call me baby tomato...'cause I gotta Ketchup!

Ok Ok I know this must seem like I am purposefully avoiding ya'll, but I am NOT I swear! I am not planning on taking the weekends off of blogging, I have just had a rough time with my computer due to the Internet/ cable problem. I have got it kinda fixed, we need a new splitter and that has not been purchased yet. So until it is I have to have Sean connect or disconnect the Internet or cable to go on the net. AHHHH!

So I am finally posting due to all the technical difficulties and not to mention I was SICK all weekend! I am pretty sure I caught the bug going round at my work, but on top of the flue like symptoms I was feeling I also get "sick" when I am super stressed out. So my weekend was pretty uneventful even though I had the glorious Monday off, I spent it on the couch and under a converter (rock) if you will. So let me rewind to Saturday (Valentine's Day) Lunch: Leftover Pasta with kale and a side salad

For Valentine's Dinner we had a whole special night planned.....but due to my sickness and "sickness" I was not really feeling up to having a 5 course meal and spending over $100 on dinner. So we cancelled our reservations and went to Whole Foods to do a more low key and less expensive dinner. We started with Vino: For this we kinda splurged; we never buy wine over $5.00 so for this special occasion we spent twice that!
the wine was VERY good and I love a Petite Sirah! I am now going to show you some pictures of my buys: Tomatoes:
Gouda!!!! I love Gouda I think it is the quintessential cheese to eat with wine. I had a lil piece.
Some mixed olives from the olive bar, I had 2:
The lovely Zucchini chopped them steam fried with S&P:
A lovely Quinoa Tabuoli Salad:
A pre made Tofu Salad:

And Sean made steak!!! Fillet Mignon cooked to perfection!!! I was not in the mood for meat so I made us two salads. Mine with Tofu, Tabouli, tomatoes and Zucchini, and Sean's with the same sans the tofu. I also made a Yam in the microwave but had no room for my half. I topped Sean's with cheese and zucchini:
the lovely steak:
Well that's it for V-Day wrap up. Now on to Sunday: bfast; cereal with banana, raisins and grapes with a spoon of PB:
I had a PB sandwich for lunch no pic, and for dinner we went out to eat at a cozy Mexican Restaurant and split the combo plate of rice, beans, a Chile Relleno, Cheese Enchilada a side soup and a beer. It was delicious!!
Monday's Eats:
bfast: Cereal with the usual and a small orange and a spoon of PB:
I had an apple whilst watching TV and being a total blob! I snacked a lot Monday so be prepared, I am pretty sure I did not take pictures of all my snacks too
Lunch was fab, leftover salad fixings from Sat, plus kale, and yam:
Some Annie's Cheddar Bunnie's
Some Annie's Gram Bunnie's with PB and raisins. I basically had this again for dinner I snacked so much all day I was not really hungry for a real dinner:
Finally to today!!! Tues bfast: Cereal
Mid morning snack; Annie's Gram Bunnie's raisins, almonds and a small apple:
Lunch was simple and filling; 2 carrots sliced and an AB sandwich with a heel and the last piece! Time to go shopping!
For dinner tonight Sean took me out again because I was too beet to cook and he had worked a long day. I start school tomorrow so after dinner we went to my campus to check out where my classroom is. I love the campus at night it is so pretty! I am so excited for school!
Ok onto this scrumptious drink!!! We went to urthcaffe.com/. Definitely one of my fave places to eat. Sean ordered the Spanish Latte blended! It is like a Coffee Ice Cream Shake!!! So good, I had to have a few sips!
I ordered the Half combo soup and salad. It was a Vegan Potato Leek Soup (my fave soup ever) and the Urth Salad with mixed greens, garbanzo beans, pine nuts, feta, tomato, heats of palm, and olives with the dressing on the side of course. I always ask for dressing on the side, I know some restaurants tip their noses to me for requesting this but hey it's my body and my calorie intake man, so lay off!!! The soup came with a nice hunk of crusty white bread, but I steered clear and had but a nibble.
well I am sorry for the delay in my posts and will try to make one in a day like before! I hope everyone had a wonderful V-day and I will be catching up on ya'lls blogs tomorrow after my first day of school!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Happy V-Day everybody!!! I am doing a recap of yesterday because my new TV was being funky so we had the cable shut down for while to get it fixed and I could not get on the Internet. So yesterday's eats started with a Japanese Bfast of Miso soup and Brown rice:
I loved it! It is fun and very healthful and filling! A way to switch up my oatmeal routine and try something new.
I found that it didn't hold me that long. I think it was more mental than a physical hunger. Eating rice for bfast just didn't feel like bfast so I snacked around 9:30 on a balance bar (no pic)
For lunch I brought my new fave thing to grill; an Almond butter sandwich!!! I put pumpkin butter instead of jelly and added a banana because I didn't have one with bfast:

When I got home from work I had this lil guy:
For dinner I had left over WW pasta with kale and marinara sauce with water chestnuts and beets on the side:
Quite a weird combo I must say but good! For dessert I had this rice pudding:
And some raisins and an apple:
Today I had a more traditional bfast; Cereal with a sliced banana and raisins with a small orange:
For lunch I had no time to prepare anything to bring to work, yes I worked on a Saturday! So I made a "through it together" lunch of a rice pudding, apple and a Larabar. A new flavor for me and I really liked it! Not too chocolaty and not too coconuty...just right!
I also had this new drink:
It was good, not the best texture, a bit grainy, but nice and really good for you!
I came home from work to this:
I LOVE my BF he is just the sweetest! We are going to dinner and maybe a movie depending on the time. I love going out to dinner on this holiday. Even though it is always over priced and crowded and sappy, I just love the idea of it!
Well I am off to get ready for this evening of romance (wink wink) Hope you all have a wonderful loving day!