Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well call me baby tomato...'cause I gotta Ketchup!

Ok Ok I know this must seem like I am purposefully avoiding ya'll, but I am NOT I swear! I am not planning on taking the weekends off of blogging, I have just had a rough time with my computer due to the Internet/ cable problem. I have got it kinda fixed, we need a new splitter and that has not been purchased yet. So until it is I have to have Sean connect or disconnect the Internet or cable to go on the net. AHHHH!

So I am finally posting due to all the technical difficulties and not to mention I was SICK all weekend! I am pretty sure I caught the bug going round at my work, but on top of the flue like symptoms I was feeling I also get "sick" when I am super stressed out. So my weekend was pretty uneventful even though I had the glorious Monday off, I spent it on the couch and under a converter (rock) if you will. So let me rewind to Saturday (Valentine's Day) Lunch: Leftover Pasta with kale and a side salad

For Valentine's Dinner we had a whole special night planned.....but due to my sickness and "sickness" I was not really feeling up to having a 5 course meal and spending over $100 on dinner. So we cancelled our reservations and went to Whole Foods to do a more low key and less expensive dinner. We started with Vino: For this we kinda splurged; we never buy wine over $5.00 so for this special occasion we spent twice that!
the wine was VERY good and I love a Petite Sirah! I am now going to show you some pictures of my buys: Tomatoes:
Gouda!!!! I love Gouda I think it is the quintessential cheese to eat with wine. I had a lil piece.
Some mixed olives from the olive bar, I had 2:
The lovely Zucchini chopped them steam fried with S&P:
A lovely Quinoa Tabuoli Salad:
A pre made Tofu Salad:

And Sean made steak!!! Fillet Mignon cooked to perfection!!! I was not in the mood for meat so I made us two salads. Mine with Tofu, Tabouli, tomatoes and Zucchini, and Sean's with the same sans the tofu. I also made a Yam in the microwave but had no room for my half. I topped Sean's with cheese and zucchini:
the lovely steak:
Well that's it for V-Day wrap up. Now on to Sunday: bfast; cereal with banana, raisins and grapes with a spoon of PB:
I had a PB sandwich for lunch no pic, and for dinner we went out to eat at a cozy Mexican Restaurant and split the combo plate of rice, beans, a Chile Relleno, Cheese Enchilada a side soup and a beer. It was delicious!!
Monday's Eats:
bfast: Cereal with the usual and a small orange and a spoon of PB:
I had an apple whilst watching TV and being a total blob! I snacked a lot Monday so be prepared, I am pretty sure I did not take pictures of all my snacks too
Lunch was fab, leftover salad fixings from Sat, plus kale, and yam:
Some Annie's Cheddar Bunnie's
Some Annie's Gram Bunnie's with PB and raisins. I basically had this again for dinner I snacked so much all day I was not really hungry for a real dinner:
Finally to today!!! Tues bfast: Cereal
Mid morning snack; Annie's Gram Bunnie's raisins, almonds and a small apple:
Lunch was simple and filling; 2 carrots sliced and an AB sandwich with a heel and the last piece! Time to go shopping!
For dinner tonight Sean took me out again because I was too beet to cook and he had worked a long day. I start school tomorrow so after dinner we went to my campus to check out where my classroom is. I love the campus at night it is so pretty! I am so excited for school!
Ok onto this scrumptious drink!!! We went to urthcaffe.com/. Definitely one of my fave places to eat. Sean ordered the Spanish Latte blended! It is like a Coffee Ice Cream Shake!!! So good, I had to have a few sips!
I ordered the Half combo soup and salad. It was a Vegan Potato Leek Soup (my fave soup ever) and the Urth Salad with mixed greens, garbanzo beans, pine nuts, feta, tomato, heats of palm, and olives with the dressing on the side of course. I always ask for dressing on the side, I know some restaurants tip their noses to me for requesting this but hey it's my body and my calorie intake man, so lay off!!! The soup came with a nice hunk of crusty white bread, but I steered clear and had but a nibble.
well I am sorry for the delay in my posts and will try to make one in a day like before! I hope everyone had a wonderful V-day and I will be catching up on ya'lls blogs tomorrow after my first day of school!!!!!


  1. awesome eats! they all look sooo good!

    GOOD LUCK with school today, you will do fabulous, im sure of it :)

  2. I just finished a big bowl of oatmeal and just looking at your photos makes me hungry all over again! Hope you're feeling all better and that the computer gets fixed.

    - Sagan

  3. wow so many fabulous pictures so little time to keep up! I'm so sorry to hear about the bug. :( GRRRR stay in bed, surf lots of blogs, and drink lots!!! Hope you get better soon!

  4. Sorry you were under the weather on Vday!! Your at home feast looks delicious though :)

    How did class go?! Psych was one of my favorite classes ever! Oh and I always ask for dressing on the side - I don't want salad soup, ya feel me?! ;)

  5. Love the title in this post :) I gotta "ketchup" with you, too! That steak looks awesome...some amazing food all around in this post!