Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Happy V-Day everybody!!! I am doing a recap of yesterday because my new TV was being funky so we had the cable shut down for while to get it fixed and I could not get on the Internet. So yesterday's eats started with a Japanese Bfast of Miso soup and Brown rice:
I loved it! It is fun and very healthful and filling! A way to switch up my oatmeal routine and try something new.
I found that it didn't hold me that long. I think it was more mental than a physical hunger. Eating rice for bfast just didn't feel like bfast so I snacked around 9:30 on a balance bar (no pic)
For lunch I brought my new fave thing to grill; an Almond butter sandwich!!! I put pumpkin butter instead of jelly and added a banana because I didn't have one with bfast:

When I got home from work I had this lil guy:
For dinner I had left over WW pasta with kale and marinara sauce with water chestnuts and beets on the side:
Quite a weird combo I must say but good! For dessert I had this rice pudding:
And some raisins and an apple:
Today I had a more traditional bfast; Cereal with a sliced banana and raisins with a small orange:
For lunch I had no time to prepare anything to bring to work, yes I worked on a Saturday! So I made a "through it together" lunch of a rice pudding, apple and a Larabar. A new flavor for me and I really liked it! Not too chocolaty and not too coconuty...just right!
I also had this new drink:
It was good, not the best texture, a bit grainy, but nice and really good for you!
I came home from work to this:
I LOVE my BF he is just the sweetest! We are going to dinner and maybe a movie depending on the time. I love going out to dinner on this holiday. Even though it is always over priced and crowded and sappy, I just love the idea of it!
Well I am off to get ready for this evening of romance (wink wink) Hope you all have a wonderful loving day!


  1. What is mixed with that brown rice? It looks amazing!

  2. Water chestnuts!!! Is it strange I could just eat them right out of the container? LOVE their consistency!

    Aw what pretty flowers!! Have fun tonight :)

  3. lovely roses & yummy larabar!

  4. Mmm...miso soup. It never tastes as good at home as it does in the restaurants, do you notice that? I still love it at home though. Lovely flowers--hope you had a great night :D

  5. beautiful roses! there's nothing like classic red roses. wow, that rice...did you put furikake on top?mmm, I'm craving miso soup now...

  6. Beautiful flowers!! And glad to hear the new larabar is good.. I haven't seen that one in stores yet.. I'm going to look for it!!

  7. Aw! Beautiful roses, lucky girl :D

    I'll have to check around for that larabar flavor it looks good!

  8. Aww such pretty flowers! Hope you had a really nice Valentines Day.

  9. thanks everybody! I am a very lucky girl! I was having more internet funkyness this weekend and I was sicky :( but I will be posting tonight, I have a lot to catch ya'll up on!