Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When my computer gets the flu...

Well yes sadly my computer obtained some viruses this weekend and I had to send it to my "geek squad" if you will to fix her up and get back to my blogging friends!! I was planning on doing a post via Sean's computer but it never panned out. So I am here and sorry to have left ya'll hanging for 3 days! I am going to do a recap of Saturday's dinner, Sunday and Monday's highlights and today's eats in this post so bear with me!

For lunch today I had a HUGE salad with chicken, tofu, beets, spinach, mixed greens, Annie's Woodstock, and a WW English muffin:
For my snack today I had this bar:
For bfast this morning I had a bowl of blueberry oats with all the fixings!
For dinner Monday I had this lovely new product; microwaved brown rice with seaweed and toasted sesame seeds: Yummy stuff, perfectly fluffy and the seasoning is divine! It is similar to a Japanese seasoning you can buy in the spice section of the supermarket's Asian foods section. I used to dowse my rice an tofu with this stuff as a kid!
This is the package:
Along with the rice I had this lovely salad with water chestnuts!
Monday's lunch I had this lovely Almond butter and jelly sandwich on WW bread with grapes and Annie's Cheddar bunnies! At work we have an industrial Panini Press so I pressed my sandwich and let me just say YUMMMMMM! The bread got all toasty and the Almond butter was melty and the jelly soaked thru one side and was caramelized...heaven you will see this again for sure!
For dessert Saturday I had this bowl:
At some point this weekend I also had this:

Sunday night dinner with the Rents we went to an all time old family fave Il Foraio!! We used to come here when me and my sis were kids and we called it the PINK Italian because in the '80's and early '90's it had florescent pink lights inside! I had the appetizer plate of White Beans, Shrimp, Scallops with parsley olive oil!
For lunch on Sunday Sean and I went to Grub and I had the Veggalicious and a side salad:

I had a lovely bowl of cereal Saturday and repeated Sunday:

For dinner at Hugo's Saturday night I had a Turkey Burger a la carte, duh it's my fave, and a side of Broccolini and garlic!

I also had this lovely cocktail with my dinner; a white wine Spritzer which had white wine, Campari, and club soda! Well that's my eats for ya! I hope you all love them as much as I did! On my exercise routine: I have been doing the Shred for 4 days now and plan to keep it up! More results on that next time!
Love and sweet dreams


  1. Love water chesnuts! I usually have them in stir-fries though, I bet they are nice on a salad.

  2. welcome back! Im glad your computer is over its sickness, I have missed your posts.

    the food all looks awesome, as usual :) Have a great day dear <3

  3. hope your computer gets better ;)

    everything looks great! i'm loving the ice cream!

  4. Sorry about your computer!!

    Delicious eats! Nom nom.

  5. Aw I hope your computer gets well soon!!

    WATER CHESTNUTS!! I love those things :)

  6. hi there! You really have a fabulous blog!! I'm really loving all the food choices you make and I'm a big fan of big big salads, English muffins (yum!!), and yogurt! So glad to have found your blog and I'm looking forward to more good eats!! (P.s. LA ROCKS. I wish I lived there)

  7. Thinspired- yes very good on salad! Crisp and refreshing!

    Emilydh211- thanks dear, I am sad you missed my posts but I am back to feed the hungry bloggers haha!

    Justme- thank you, I think I am loving the ice cream a bit too much!

    Courtney- thanks! Love nom noms hehe

    k- thanks, love the water chestnuts too, they don’t get enough love huh?

    Luckytastebuds- Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I am glad you like my eats, and LA is quite exciting! Keep reading and enjoying our faves!