Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monkey Business

Hello Bloggers!
I am sorry for no post last night but man was I beat! I will start by saying I LOVE CHIMPS!!!! I had so much fun! We worked with a 3 year old girl chimp named Suzie and an 8 year old boy named Jake. Suzie was the most adorable and I only have pics of her to show you for now. The trainers were a "bit off", as animal wranglers usually are to us who do not spend their whole lives around animals, but very sweet to the animals. They were more strict with us humans, in ways to behave around the chimps. So I do not have a ton to photos, just a few.

Second-Let's catch up with my eats from yesterday:
Breakies- Cereal and green tea

The usual cereal mix of 1.5 grains, 1.5 skim, shot of almonds, blueberries and a dash of cinnamon. I also tried a sprinkle of Cayenne, which was a nice kick.
Yes Su Su is sporting a very chic diaper courtesy Sesame Street! Here we are just having a cuddle:
Here she is swinging on her trainer:
And again:
For lunch we had catering and I chose the Smoked Chipotle Tofu with an assortment of veggies and salad:
It was very tasty! And for dessert I split a brownie with my co-worker Mark
When I got home and told my BF all about my day by the time we looked at the clock it was 8:30pm! Way later than I would usually eat dinner but we were hungry and my afternoon snacks of nuts and fruit (no pic) was long worn off so we went to Thai BBQ and had soup and Chicken Satay (no pic). When I got home I wanted to try a new treat I bought; Skinny Cow Ice cream Sandwiches!!!!!! Omg these are the best!!! Only 140 Calories and 1.5 grams of fat! They are not the healthiest ingredients and not natural but very tasty for not a lot of guilt! And one every once and a while is not bad.
My review: Sweet taste, soft texture, creamy, so much like the Ice Cream Truck type sandwich I would never know it was low fat!
Okay, enough monkey-ing around, lol. Let's move onto today's eats!!! For breakies I had a bowl of cereal with dried apricots and a small banana:
For my mid morning snack I had this lovely bar, excuse the hair on the place mat I didn't notice it on my camera:)
For lunch I brought Sean's left over Pad Thai with shrimp, brussels, and a piece of satay chicken:
When I got home today I had a killer headache! My goodness was it BAD! So I thought :0 I must not have had enough to eat!!! My first thought if I have a headache is always that I must be hungry. So I made myself a snack; honey roasted peanuts, dried tamarind, prunes, dried apricot, chocolate yummmm:
Not satisfied and still with a headache I had the last of my Fage and some more dried fruit and nuts:
Hello???? Not satisfied and spoiling my dinner I had some more....
I had to go to Target to do some returns for the shoot and I picked up a few things after roaming the aisles for 2 hours!!!! Love the Target!
My most exciting purchase: Jillians 30 Day Shed!!! I have heard blog buzz on this DVD and finally bought it! I will start tomorrow! For dinner I made myself a plate of assorted veggies and tofu with a beer. Why? Cause why not! (in the back you see a new tea container I got on sale, I also got a flour container but sadly I dropped the bag in my driveway in the rain:(
The beer was fabulous and thick and sweet! A nice contrast to my light and fresh meal!
Ok folks I am off to take a bath, hopefully my headache will be long gone after that! And then watch Top Chef!


  1. That is just too cute! You have such an awesome job!
    Love those Skinny Cow sandwiches. YUM.

  2. ok how is it that you make every meal/snack/dessert/anything you put in your mouth look so delicious!? haha.

    That is sooo cool that you worked with those chimps. That looks like an awesome experiance for sure!

    Hope you have a great friday, dear! <3

  3. Jillian will kick your butt!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the skinny cow's!

  4. I love that dvd!!

    Your snacks look super tasty. Mmmm.

    The chimps sound like such a fun experience (and agreed, sometimes those people are a little "off" hehe). Photos are so cute.

  5. CUTE!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures - looks like a fun time!

    Cayenne on cereal?! Sounds interesting - a good interesting though :)


  6. The strawberry shortcake (or something) Skinny Cow flavors are really good too.

    I just found your blog and I love it! Yay for So Cal girls (I'm in San Diego). Where are you going back to school to get your RD? Do you have to get a bachelor's degree first? I've thought about doing it recently, but I don't think there are RD programs near me, and it would take a looog time since I my undergrad was Communications.

  7. yay for skinny cow sandwiches! i've wanted to try them but they're kinda expensive!

  8. Thinspired- yea for skinny cow!

    Emilydh211- I love that you like my meals! Have a great Friday too!

    Bobbi- I can’t wait for the butt kicking!

    Livinghealthyintherealworld- I know animal trainers are a strange breed but love them!

    Ksgoodeats- I am happy you like the pics! Yes spicy cereal! It’s a must try!

    Hallie- thanks for checking out my blog! I love San Diego, so pretty there! I am starting my GE classes at SMC, I am broke from film school, and then transferring to I don’t know where yet. I am sure there are programs at a school near you. The masters programs are a commitment but if you have a good general education core you should be able to switch majors or start a new! I am in for a long road ahead, like 4 years, but I love the idea of helping people make healthy choices and live a more wholesome life!

    Just me- they might be a bit pricy but I found them on sale for $2.99 at CVS of all places!