Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chic Chimps!

Yes you read right! Tomorrow I am working with Chimpanzees! I am doing a shoot with the cute lil guys for a magazine (that I will tell you the name of when it comes out) piece!!! A fashion magazine using Chimps how cool?? I am so excited! I love animals especially monkeys and apes!!!! So in tribute to my day tomorrow I started with a lovely small yellow banana, I hear Chimps love these! HeHe! I was also in a huge hurry with waking up way late, ya sadly no morning work out, so I only had time to grab one of these bars:
I think I liked the Brownie flavor better, to tell you the truth I am not happy with them in hindsight. Besides holding me for a whooping 4 hours, they are not too tasty nor too much fun to eat. IE; dense, dry and heavy. Not a great texture and not a great flavor in my foods= not worth eating! Even if it lasts me for a long time, I am not going to be satisfied in the end. I need a complete emotional, sensual and visual eating experience!
Moving on... I had this thick and creamy experience around 10am along with a coffee with skim (not pictured)I packed a boring lunch like yesterdays; beets, brussels, carrots, tomatoes, chicken and potatoes, this time with a dash of Goddess dressing:
I like a meal like this for work because it is so colorful and it makes me feel really full with out being really full!
When I got home I was wired from my coffee, I have not been making coffee a daily thing so my buzz is extra strong! I needed a lil something so I had this lil apple with some dried fruit and sliced almonds:

I did some exercise!!! Yes finally I got my priorities straight and rolled out my yoga mat turned on the Exercise TV On Demand and did 16 min abs, 10 min booty liciouse (I did not make that name up) and then 30 extra Sweet Squats on my own and one set of 15 arms. My wrist is mostly better but I am afraid to hurt it or strain it so I stopped when it began to feel pain.
* * *
Feeling like a million bucks, amazing the littlest amount of exercise can do wonders for your state of mind! I settled down and drew a bath and treated my self to an early dessert!
After my bath and a long read!! I made a dinner that will not excite but did the trick:
Look familiar??? Well it should it is very close to my lunch. sorry not too creative tonight! But I did change a few items; I added cucumber, red pepper and replaced chicken and potatoes with tofu.
I am happy to be going to bed soon, I am like Ella lately all I want to do is eat and sleep!!! I do have an early call and so I am listening to my body and getting rest.
I hope everyone is having a good week thus far.
P.S. I just want to thank you for being active on my blog and being so supportive! I really love you all and will try to keep up with my comments on your blogs. I am always reading and do not always have time to comment but you are the reason for my sanity and I am so inspired by you!


  1. How fun to work with chimps!!! cant wait to hear about it! :)

  2. Chimps!! That's too awesome,I can't wait to hear all about it!!

    Say what you will about your lunch & dinner but I don't think it's boring, it's all stuff I wish I had right now, esp the beets! Those & Brussel sprouts don't get enough love and they're 2 of my faves!

  3. NO WAY!!! I'm jealous - working with chimps sounds like fun :)

    Eating has to be a pleasurable experience don't waste time on food that's not good! Lunch and dinner though = way good!

  4. Your job sounds so fun!
    Even though you're busy and not getting as much exercise as you would like, you are still eating so well under the pressure and I think that's admirable. Everything is just so clean! Normally when I'm under stress it is hard to maintain good habits, but you're doing great :)

  5. Seriously? That's so cool! Can't wait to hear all about it.

    I'd never heard of those bars; thanks for the little review of them:)

    - Sagan

  6. i skimmed your blog and i'm inspired. I want to go into set decoration and art direction for film productions and i'm so jealous that that's what you're currently doing.
    i also am totally in love with your food choices. I think it's slightly ironic how hard it can be to live a healthy lifestyle in the middle of Hollywood and the entertainment industry because people in entertainment have the reputation as being really fit and healthy. But there are so many delectable foods in LA that totally counter the healthy mindset. I'm glad that I stumbled on your blog. Have fun tomorrow on your shoot tomorrow and i'm so jealous!!