Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday and Sunday full of Yogurt

So Saturday's lunch was Whole wheat roll with Red Pepper Hummus! I heated the roll and it dipped it in the hummus!!!
Later I had another wonderful Rachel's! These are so tasty and filling!
You all saw my dinner at Akasha on my last post so here is my dessert....more yogurt! This time it was a lovely small cup from Red Mango Fro Yo does a body good!
Onto today, the Sunday from my couch as I like to call today, all day I have been bummed! I missed a Pilates class this morning and the rest of the day went to, well you know. So I rested some more and gathered myself a bit and had a mental health day.
This morning I had a lovely bowl of Egg White Oats with all the fixings! Sliced small banana, Craisins, raisins, raw sunflower seeds, a small handful of TFC (twigs flakes and clusters in case ya'll are confused) and a splash of Almond Milk.

Plus a cup of Genmaicha Green Tea-by far my fave green tea out there, the roasted rice gives it a huge flavor boost!
Being home all by my lonesome really makes me snack!!! I was way hungrier than normal today and so here the snacks begin: A new bar, very good and crunchy!

I later had more Rachel's!!! This flavor is super! But I think my fave is the Vanilla Chai! I also had some dried apricots!

For lunch I made a super salad and had a slice of heated Olive bread with it!

On my salad- shredded Chicken Mixed Spring mix, cucumber, raw broccoli, red pepper, grape tomatoes, red cabbage and a drizzle of Annie's Woodstock dressing!

Now I could have done with out this delite but I did not resist my urge! I had a Carob Brownie! It was ok not great, but for sure fixed my sweet tooth!!!!

For dinner I had a simple Turkey Wrap with red cabbage and mustard. Along side some grape tomatoes and baby carrots. Nothing too exciting but I sure got my calories worth of snacks today!

So my friends that is it for my weekend eats. I was not watching my eats this weekend but I am glad I indulged in healthy snacks, rather than the usual super Bowl Pig Out! Sean will hopefully be home on Monday night or Tuesday so I plan to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the apt while he is "out of my hair".

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!! And have a good Monday!



  1. 2 things I now must try thanks to you... hehe... Rachel's yogurt and Annie's Woodstock dressing :)

    Have a HAPPY monday!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Red Mango! Way better than Pinkberry. :-)

  3. Mmm...I love Rachel's, too! I think we have different flavors here in the UK though, they're not as fun!

  4. red pepper hummus is my fave! I have seen that reachel's yogurt in the grocery store and thought about trying it, but never I def will!

  5. Love all your eats. Vanilla chai yogurt! YUM!

  6. That roll just killed me - carbo heavennnnn!

    That bar looks great, I'll be on the look out for it now :) Everyone deserves a mental health day or ten ;)

  7. Sometimes we all just need a mental health day!!

    Lovin' the eats. I have been dieing to try one of those yogurts!