Friday, February 6, 2009

Rainy Friday

Yes it is raining cats and dogs here in LaLa Land. I am loving it up too! I love curling up by the TV and watching Gilmore Girl re-runs with Ella and my slippers!!! But before I could do all that I had a full day to fulfill!
This morning I had a wonderful bfast that held me for ever it felt like! I had a WW Light Thomas English Muffin with a spoon of Almond Butter and a small banana sliced on top. On the side I had a small orange and a small apple:
Yummy yummy! For my mid morning snack I had 2 servings of Annie's Honey Bunnies and 14 raw almonds. This snack was a great change from my usual bar or similar type "fast" snack. I counted and bagged my little treats the night before and to my surprise they held me better than a bar ever does!
For lunch I brought tofu, veggies and a beet:
I was satisfied all day long! When I got home from job #1 I wanted a lil something to keep me going for job #2 (today I did returns for both gigs I've been working) so I grabbed this new product:
Hello this stuff is sooooo good! Not too sweet and very good texture! I love Rice Pudding and Tapioca and this lil container has only 90 calories! I paired it with about 15 almonds and it made for a wonderful compliment!
Even Ella wanted to get in on the action:
She followed me the whole time I was eating this so I let her lick the container:
I know it's not good for her but I NEVER give her human food, except the occasional bite of salmon, so I thought she should get a treat too!
I did as I said and got down to business with my work out!!!!! I did the Level 1 of Jillian's 30 day shred. This was great, I probably could have done a higher level or done it twice but I am taking it slow so I don't get too sore to do round 2 on day 2 tomorrow! I love work out DVD's, especially on a rainy day like this! My living room is my own personal gym with Jillian as my own personal trainer! Man Anita on the DVD has some killer Abs!!!
For dinner I made just what I was craving; a turkey sandwich on WW double fiber bread. I put inside; spinach, red cabbage, turkey, red onion and spicy Dijon mustard. On the side I had some broccoli with Woodstock dressing, baby carrots, grape tomatoes and cucumber:
I loved the sandwich, but it was a bit dry. Any tips on condiments for sandwiches???? I sometimes use hummus and love that but I am looking for a Mayo replacement!!! Please let me know what you like!
For dessert I had a 1/3serving of Honey Bunnies and a few dried apricots. I also had a couple pieces of chocolate but gulped those down too fast to snap a pic.
I later went back for more sweets; a Coconut date roll!!!!
Ok I am now going back to the couch with my Ella and some rainy day movie. Maybe Singing in the Rain, or Breakfast at Tiffany's or Knocked Up, can't decide yet:)
Happy Friday and see you tomorrow or Sunday!!


  1. ohhh...the one time it's raining in Los Angeles and I'm not there...and in FL it's sunny and dry! haha!

  2. love the rice pudding and the date rolls from TJs...some of my favorites!

  3. Your sandwich plate looks really good. I like to put pesto on my turkey sandwiches, it's really flavorful!

  4. No mayo tips from me - I get the heeby jeebies around mayo :(

    Your eats today = DI-VINE! Breakfast at Tiffany's!!! LOVE that movie!

  5. I had been eying those puddings, thanks for posting!

  6. Oh my gosh, love your eats! And that sandwich looks amazing! YUM!