Thursday, February 19, 2009

The wonders of the world

Hello Bloggers!!!
The wonders of the world I would love to see are the Pyramids, but the wonders of the world I am facing every day are not as extravagant. Like school and food service and relationships. I think that I am in a very fragile state with changing careers and so don't mind me if I talk about my struggles with leaving the Film Industry to become a college student. It is not all set in stone yet but my mind is pretty made up.

I am in a mood I can not quite describe, I had a headache most of the afternoon and was not feeling tip top so I lied down with Bravo and caught up on some silly TV shows. Once Sean got home I was in a much better mood and am now feeling well enough to look at the computer screen. I think it was all the reading I did for my Psych class. I am not used to looking at a text book and never really read much of them in my high school days ( I was too interested in boys, art and parties). But now in my young adulthood I am finding it still just as challenging so I am a bit upset. I have no prob doing homework or listening to lectures but I know the reading will kill me. Any tips? Anybody more left brained with some study tips??? My sister gave me great advice (very left brained) and told me to type my notes and go to the library after class to do the reading when I am in study mode and I think I will try that!

Anyways... my mind is a bit mushy now so I will move on to my eats!
Bfast; Small orange, cereal with Almond Milk and raisins:
Delish! And in case you were wondering I am still lightening my grain load in the morning. This mornings bowl was 1.5 cups total and 1.25 cups milk.
I was just amazed at how beautifully my V-Day flowers have bloomed!
for my mid morn snack I had a Larabar in Gingersnap (no pic) and this snack I had mid afternoon:
For lunch I packed a very "kid" like meal in my eyes; WW English muffin, 2 tbsp of Almond and PB which I made into a sammie and grilled at work. I also packed 2 carrots and an apple sauce with blueberries!!
After work I went to school and bought my textbook for way more than I planned and then went to Trader Joes to do some very needed groecery shopping. As I said I was battling a headache so I ate a very early dinner, I always think I need food if I have a headache, which was leftovers:
This meal was even better today! For dessert I had some dried mango and some fat free Caramel Popcorn form TJ's!
And I had Tofuti Cutie!!! I love these if you have not tried them I suggest doing so! They are vegan ice cream sandwiches!!!! This pic does no justice, so I will have to have one tomorrow to try to get a better pic!
Ok I am off to watch Dexter with my honey and get some rest. I sadly got no exercise in today unless you count walking in TJ's or serving coffee for 6 hours?!?


  1. I always eat if I have a headache too! I can never be sure if it's my blood sugar or if it's a genuine headache :)

    I'm a big outline person when it comes to reading. That way when I'm done reading the chapter, I have my own notes I can study. Good luck, girlie!!

  2. You're in a tough situation; I can totally get that it would be overwhelming. Hang in there!

    Tasty caramel popcorn :)

    - Sagan

  3. good luck in your psych class! if i sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and some soothing music, that usually helps me study.

  4. Oh you're leaving the film industry and I'm trying to find ways to get in it. Wish I had some tips but I was never good at studying; my mindset was usually, 'well i know enough to pass, so..'. I have taken sporadic college courses so it is possible to get back to that school rythym, I'd say in a week you'll be more in the flow of things.

    And love tofutti cuties, I'm halfway through a box of the mint chocolate chip.

  5. If you are ok with listening to lectures you should try to find your textbooks on cd to listen to. Because of blind students they are pretty readily available.

  6. Good luck with the changes.

    Come back to blogging? :)

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