Thursday, February 12, 2009

The HDMI scam

Well I am very angry at Time Warner Cable!! They have finagled me into getting an HD box with no HDMI input!!! I don't really get the whole dilemma all I know is with my new HD TV I needed a new HD box, so I drove to TWC to get the new box and when I set it up at home it was not working! So Sean called TWC and they said that the HDMI cable did not come with the box so we need to BUY one and then it should work. So Sean brought the cable home tonight and the when we looked at the box I picked up doesn't have a hook up for an HDMI cable~ ANYWAYS~ besides the point sorry to vent I am just livid. GRRRR.... but lets move on to the good stuff!

Bfast: Cereal with a small sliced banana and a shot of Craisins with a small orange on the side and hot water: Lunch today was simple; an Almond Butter and jelly sandwich on WW (I pressed it at work, I am obsessed) with a small apple and sugar free 90 calorie rice pudding:
When I got home from work I saw Sean left his dinner leftovers first I was mad cause I hate when he doesn't clean up after himself. But then I decided he left me my afternoon snack! 2 lil slices of TJ's Margarita Pizza!
It was delicious! I haven't had pizza for a while and boy oh boy it was good!
For dinner I was not sure what I wanted to make. I have a lot of choices in the cupboards and fridge, but I ended up making the thing I was most craving....PASTA! I made some WW Angel Hair and then Steam fried some kale with garlic and topped it with Marinara sauce and sauteed onions. For an extra veggie I added a sliced beet! On top is a sprinkle of Parmesan!
It was also delicious and very filling. I love WW pasta! I love how much it sticks to my ribs and how much more texture and flavor it has!
I finished my laundry from yesterday and now Sean is home so I will prepare his plate of Pasta sans the onions, he dislikes them very much unless he can't tell they are there :)
For dessert I made a lil plate of raisins, Craisins and raw Almonds:
Well that's it for me today, no Shred, my cramps are killing me so I think I will cozy up with a tea and my heating pad and call it a night! I will do double Shred to make up for today on Friday. Tomorrow is Friday!!! Anybody have V-Day plans for Saturday? Sean and I are going to a Double Feature of "From Here To Eternity" and Casablanca" YEA! I love old flicks! Then we are going to dinner at a romantic restaurant! More on V-Day plans later. Good night!


  1. I've been thinking I need to eat more kale and this seems like a less-scary way to do it! I've only had it in soup, but everything is great with pasta, right?! Looks delicious. Thanks for the idea :)

  2. Y'alls Valentines sounds nice!!! We have no plans :( hmph.
    Great eats!!! yum yum yum

  3. Sorry about the cable fiasco! I'm convince internet/TV companies are just money grabbers :(

    I posted a picture for you today on my blog haha! That TJs pizza looks yummy!

  4. Aw that sucks. On the other hand, your breakfast looks very pretty! And that double feature is going to be tons of fun.

    - Sagan

  5. Sounds like a great day you have planned :)

    Im a sucker for a grilled PBJ, aint nothin better!

  6. Your whole cable box thing is ridiculous. Good luck getting it sorted out!

    Your pasta looks AMAZING. I would have never thought of beets. Fab idea!

    As for Valentines day.. We don't actually celebrate so we have zero plans. Have fun at your double feature, sounds like a fun night you two have planned!

  7. Happy Valentines Day!!

  8. Comcast (my cable company) scammed me too! They didn't give me a box that will hook up to my tv. I am paying extra for HD AND DVR but they want me to charge me 200 bucks for my sound system. Rediculous!

    Oh, that pasta looks great. Is that marinara homemade?