Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello To Do list

Well another day another dollar I say! I am exhausted!!! Today I conquered my To Do list of cleaning, phone calls, emails, and bills! Not to mention work and a work out! Fewww! I want to start with a recap of last nights eats!

It was Sean and my 1 year anniversary (since we got back together, we broke up for a 6 month period but total it's been 4 years, I will not bore you with details of relationship drama. I'll just say this, no one cheated and no one moved we just had some figuring out to do and we are happy as clams now:) So we celebrated with going to Sushi! We tried a new place in our neighborhood; Beacon. It was a wonderful place! I love when an Asian fusion place serves up good sushi! We started with Edemame, of course! Sorry for some blurry pics the mood lighting doesn't help with my blog pictures:
The plates were so cute!
We shared the Spicy Tuna, no mayo thank goodness, and I had 2 pieces:
I had a Miso soup:
And the Chinese Broccoli with Tofu and Garlic:
I also had the Yellowtail roll with Scallions:
It was so refreshing! Sean had the "Fish and Chips" The fish was a Tempura batter with a side of Yam fries!!! I had one lil guy:
Moving on to bfast this morning I had Blueberry oats with a shot of cereal, a spoon of Fage 0%, a shot of raisins, a small banana and a shot of Bear Naked Granola:
For my mid morning snack I had half this bag of Cheddar Bunnies and Gram Bunnies and 11 Almonds:
I had the other half throughout the day. For lunchies I had half this Almond Butter and Jelly WW sandwich and the orange. I grilled the sandwich again and oh my lordy it was even better this time!!!

When I got home I wasn't too hungry but wanted to have a snack so I wouldn't make a poor choice for dinner. So I had this Blueberry Crisp Cliff bar:
And later this lil apple:
For dinner I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for so I heated up some TJ's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup and had a 1/2 turkey sandwich and a small salad with beets and red onion. It was quite filling and I am happy it was so colorful!
For dessert I had a lil Marzipan but no pic cause the thought to take the pic happened after it entered my mouth! I am off to finish the laundry and watch BIG LOVE on Netflix with the boy!
Love and sweet dreams


  1. Sushi is a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Congratulations :) I like the tofu/Chinese broccoli option, I haven't seen that in many sushi places.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! :) :) I love sushi, great way to celebrate!!

    Everytime I read "a shot" of this or that I smile, haha! too cute :D

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sushi is super tasty. Did you hide the plates in your bag on the way out? Hehe. They're so pretty.

    - Sagan

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I love how they are broccoli stalks instead of just the tree part :)

    Tomorrow I'm posting a picture on my blog just for you - you'll love it!

  5. hahah I LOVE your comment on the about me page, and GEEZ we totally could be long lost sisters! hahahah Too bad I got unlucky and ended up in CHICAGO. grrr. You should be so proud of yourself to recognize the ED and address it every day. It takes so much strength! I'm definitely adding you to my blog roll! :)
    Happy anniversary!! I heart edamame!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Can't get any better than some good sushi right?