Thursday, December 11, 2008

Din Din and my suitcase

Well I am officially packed! I have my snacks for the plane and Heathrow Airport (there is an hour lay over and plane switch in London!!) I will also need some fuel while I am in Spain because I have no clue what and when I will be eating! I hope it's enough for me, there are no veggies in my bag but I will survive for one day! My snacks include:

  • 2 bags of 1 cup each Puffins
    - 1 tbsp raisins, 1/4 cup raw walnuts
  • 3 Fruit filled Zone Perfect bars- I have not had these but they were on sale at Target! Have you guys tried them?
  • 2 Larabars in Cashew Cookie -these are sooo good!
  • 3 Soyjoy bars-I have had these and they are OK not great, more like a soft biscotti with fruit, but they were also on sale for .47 cents so I figured I would just buy them.
  • a handful of Multi-grain Tortilla chips form TJ's-just in case I want something salty
  • the rest of my stash of home-roasted pumpkin seeds I froze from Halloween pumpkin carving!
Here is a pic of my VERY full suitcase:) So on to my din din (how funny that so many Bloggers say "din din" I thought it was just me:) I had the rest of my bag veggies and squash fries and some more rosemary potatoes (sorry for the repeat), red leaf lettuce with red onion and black eyed peas, left over Multi-grain Spanish rice from taco night, and the star of the meal-oven baked BBQ chicken breast! Yummy, spicy and hot outta the oven! The recipe needs a bit of tweaking so I'll post it when it's perfected.

Oh yea and when I was waiting on the chicken I had a few Multi-grain Tortilla chips
OK that's it for me, I'm off to pick up the boyfriend (he is leaving his car at the stages where he is shooting) so he can pack and we can get a good nights rest-if we can sleep!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I am bringing my computer to Spain or not but if not I'll miss you all and thanks again for the warm welcome! I just started and I'm already saying good-bye:( But I'll be back to report all the fun EATS in Spain and some of my adventures!



  1. Hi Cassandra,
    thanks for visiting my blog! It's soooo cool to meet a fellow hapa and fellow Californian!
    It's really fascinating that you are a set decorator! That sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm sure the inconsistent pay is stressful. Hang in there! AND, I also think its wonderful that you are going to become an RD! I wish I had that sort of dedication!
    Have soooooo much fun on your vacay (I'm so jealous BTW) and I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  2. Have fun on your trip! I haven't had the fruit zone perfect bars, but the chocolatey ones are pretty good.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I will definitely be visiting yours!

  3. I am so jealous that you are going to Spain! Have a great time, can't wait to see the food.

  4. hope you have an amazing time!

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes and check out my first post back from spain!!!