Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finally Here!

After a long drive and a few pit stops we have made it to Sonoma, and with a full belly I can now enjoy the Eve!
For dinner my sister and brother in law made a Shepard's pie- yummm! And I made a salad with Romain lettuce, a Mandarin Orange, 2 Bartlett pears, 1 carrot and my famous dressing. Also I had a glass of white wine! -still on my Spain Drinking habit:)

Balsamic Mustard Dressing
- 1 part olive oil
- 3 parts balsamic vinegar
- 2 tbs Dijon mustard
- 2 tbs honey
- 1 tbs ground pepper
- pinch of salt
shake or whisk until emulsified and enjoy!
Here is my plate
As far as the road goes I did a good job using my snacks to good use! I was full from bfast until about 10:30, pretty good since I had my bfast at 6:30!!! So I had a bag of dried fruit and a bag of rye toasts with almonds.
The Oreo is the boyfriends snack, he had to slip it in the pic:) While we were driving through the Grapevine we saw SNOW!!! I never see snow in Southern Cali so this was a real treat, especially on Christmas Eve!

For lunch we stopped at Quizno's and I had a regular Veggie on WW with no cheese and mustard instead of vinaigrette with turkey added, and some of my packed carrots. The sandwich was messy but Dee-licious!

I did not eat them all. A few hours later I had some grapes from the boyfriends stash and some more dried fruit-this mix is sooooooo good!

The ride was going fine until we hit just before the Richmond Bridge and then traffic was just awful! I knew my sister had planned to eat dinner around 6:30 so I tried the Cherry Pie Larabar to tied me over. And let me say OMG, so good, so filling and tart from the unsweetened cherries and sweet from the dates and crunchy from the almonds- just divine!
This is me sad and mad at the traffic:

And here is my jug of H2O I take with me everywhere

So I know I promised lots of fun exercises that will not bore you, but the truth is while I was in Spain I did so much walking everyday I didn't feel the need to run on top of that. One day I ran for about 20 min and another day I did the stairs 10 times, but other than that I didn't exercise. So needless to say I am a bit rusty with my runs. Plus I have not had time to run and that makes me feel sluggish and sloppy. I hope at least to get in a walk tomorrow, even thought it is Xmas day.
Well my friends I am off to bed. My eyelids are getting heavy so I won't be posting more Spain photos tonight but stay tuned!
See y'all tomorrow for Xmas morning bfast!!!! And cookie making!

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