Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thai food and the finished dinning table!

Good evening everyone,
Today went just as planned; I cleaned the house (with Sean's help! He is such a good boyfriend) Sean finished one of the tables and it looks so pretty! I can't wait to eat at it! Here are the before and afters:


Isn't it nice!?!
Here is my mid cleaning snack around 2pm

And another snack around 4pm. I had dinner plans with my parents, sister and niece- I love having my sister in town I never see her!!! I knew dinner would be a little late so I made sure to not get grumpy before they came to pick me up.

We decided on Thai food, there is a wonderful place near my house that is accommodating for the baby and we all love Thai food. We had a Chicken Satay appetizer.
I had the Larb Tofu, my favorite Thai dish, spicy and tangy from the lime and cilantro. I just adore Cilantro! I also had a scoop of brown rice, and a taste of my sisters curry chicken- yummmm

And I had a second helping of rice with Larb it was just so good!
We ordered a plate of Pad Thai for Sean to take home and I had one bite.
Another fortune for the week, how lucky am I! I had a bite of the almond cookie but left the rest.
Now at home and ready to watch Dexter (we didn't actually watch it the other night) and have my glass of Shiraz. I am on a bit of a wine kick! And to tell you the truth I gained 3 pounds so I had better call this my last glass for a while:) Too much Holiday cheer for me:)
G Night sleep tight yall!


  1. Your photos make me very hungry. Beautiful. Great to see you in person Xmas day. - Steve

  2. Love the fortune--let's hope it is true :) Tofu looks great.

  3. steve- Thank you very much! Good to see you all too, it's always good to have good food, wine and family!