Thursday, December 11, 2008

good morning run

Good morning (or afternoon)all! I woke up at 7:30 this morning but did not go on my run straight away because boyfriend was leaving for work at 8am and I needed to go over my day with him to make sure we are all set and ready to go for tomorrow...we leave for Madrid Spain at 1:30pm!!! There is a ton of things I need to prepare: the house, my cat sitter (oh yes I have a cat her name is Ella Fitzgerald) here is a pic:

the list of things to do goes on and on...but lets get to my eats:) I had my last Wasa cracker with a tbsp of reduced fat PB, what do you all think of this stuff? Is it worth saving calories here?, and a cup of joe. About an hour later I still had not left the house so I had a sm/med banana too. I love bananas!

My run: 40 min, avg HR 157, max HR 178, 391 calories! Not bad!

I ran most of the time today and only walked at stop lights or for 30 second breaks, I am getting much more endurance and hope I can keep it up in Spain. I plan to wake early every morning to run around the beautiful city and see what it's like before all the hustle bustle of the day breaks.

After my run I had a big bowl of cereal with
1/2 cup Puffin originals
1/2 cup Kashi GO Lean
1/2 cup Quaker Oat Squares
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp of raisins
the last of my chopped raw almonds
a good sprinkle of cinnamon
Very filling and very satisfying!

Well gotta jump in the shower and get going on my to do list, man how this morning has flown by it's almost lunch and I just had Bfast!!


  1. Great blog! Your photos are beautiful! I look forward to many many more posts ;)

  2. Aww, Ella Fitzgerald is so precious!!

    I LOOOOOVE Puffins cereal!! Although it's the PEANUT BUTTER Puffins that are stellar :-)

    Good luck with your to-do list!!

  3. what a great name for a cat! :D
    the cereal looks so good- i totally need to try some puffins!
    have a wonderful night :D

  4. i love your blog - too cute! can't wait to catch up on it :)

    i looooooooove the wasa crackers :)

  5. I personally go for all natural nut butters... the reduced fat ones don't really reduce the calories by much, and nut fats are healthy anyway!