Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas indeed!

So the night is coming to an end and this years Christmas was really spacial; a babies first Christmas, a family Christmas, a healthy (or tried to be healthy:)) day and lots of cheer! After my lunch I had a carrot cake cliff bar, my salad was big but I had no complex carb with it so it faded a bit fast.

Then at cocktails I had a glass of white wine and a bite of the goats cheese from the cheese board. We baked and decorated sugar cookies!!! Yumm and so sweet! But I saved to eat them until dessert! I was very proud I only had 3!

This is the pile from the decorating party
Here are my bells that I frosted and an elephant with an "N" for Naomi my niece...
Boyfriend and I walked again for about 40 min. It was really cold so I was all bundled up but forgot a hat and had to turn back early because my ears were hurting. When we returned it was time to finish up making dinner and I again made the salad. :) This time with roasted red peppers, goats cheese, and my balsamic dressing on Romain lettuce.
We also had a Honey Baked Ham, Candied Pecans, Brussels sprouts with panchetta, Green beans with garlic, soy sauce and lemon, Scalloped Potatoes, Challah bread and Spiced cider!

Here is my plate of goodies
and then I went back for more Challa, I do love it so, if you have not had it- it's an egg bread very much like Hawaiian sweet rolls but denser and with raisins inside-soooo good!Now that the kitchen has been cleaned we are settling down to watch 'Twas a night before Christmas and Micky's Christmas Carol! I just love the holiday's and am already anticipating next years Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful day and don't have too bad of a sugar hangover tomorrow! "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"

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  1. Your meals look wonderful. It looks like you guys had a good Christmas, and I am jealous of your restraint on cookies!