Thursday, December 11, 2008

lunch and a refreshing course

So even though I had a super late bfast I was still hungry around lunch time. I think my body just knows when it's noon and want to be fed:) So I heated up leftovers from din din last night- bag veggies, squash fries, lemon herb chicken, rosemary potatoes and garlic green beans!

Then for the refreshing course: I have to take an Assessment Test before I can enroll in my courses and I have not taken a Math or English in soooooo long! I checked out the practice test on the web and OMG am I lost! Who knew I would ever have to multiply decimals or think about coordination and subordination clauses-ahhhh! My plan is to bring these practice tests to Spain and study study study so I am not placed in a remedial class, that would just put me even more behind for my age!

After studying and laundry and some more packing (I don't know about you but I tend to ALWAYS over pack) it was time for a snack. I had a Luna Tea Cake in Mint Chocolate Yummmm these are truly delicious and good for you! A little while later I had a non-fat strawberry yogurt from TJ's (all out of 0% Greek, that's my fave)
That is my cat ornament you see, I have not put up my tree since I am leaving for Spain and won't be here to enjoy it. So this one is hanging from my cupboard knob.

Some of you wanted to know how I got into Set Decorating. I have always loved art and design, my father is and Architect and so it has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. After high school I thought I was going to go to art school but changed my mind due to the cost and my lack of discipline for school work. I thought it was a better choice to work and take some classes at a community college. There I took film and art courses and found I was more interested in film than art. I started watching movies like crazy and could not watch one without seeing the way it was shot or the mess ups and figured I would go to film school and pursue my love and obsession. I decided on a trade school in Los Angeles and my focus was Production Design. Most people haven't even heard of Production Design unless they know someone in the industry, so I'll give you an idea of what it is: the Production Designer is right up there "above the line" with the Producer, Director and Cinematographer. These 4 develop the look and feel of the film. The designer is in charge of the WHOLE art dept. and all the sets.
I really love film but with the writers strike last year and the pending acting strike this year, it has been hard to find paying gigs ( so much competition). So these past 2 years I have done mostly commercials and editorial photo shoots. The pay is way better and the jobs are very quick. But for me the inconsistent work is hard on my lifestyle. I really want stability because I want to someday support a family. Not that you can't if you are in the Industry, I have plenty of friends who's parents work in film, but for me it is hard to plan anything and I'm not sure that's for me.
Well more on that later-back to studying and cleaning the house, I always like to do a good clean before I go on a trip, it makes for a nice homecoming!


  1. Your pic is too cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours. You're going to Spain?!?! That's gonna be awesome. Do you speak Spanish? Or another language?

  2. Thanks for sharing about your job! I'm a huge art and design lover and always thought I'd do something in that realm. Didn't turn out that way, but I still consider it part of me! :-)

  3. Magpie- No I wish I was bilingual-especially being half Japanese, but I my mom doesn't speak Japanese and so neither do I. I took French in high school (came in handy when i traveled to France) so I am hoping to get by with my boyfriends high school level Spanish :)

    Ashley- I am happy to share! And if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer to the best of my ability. I think it's great to appreciate art and you should always hold on to that! Who knows what the future will bring?!