Monday, December 29, 2008

Family fun and pork tenderloin

Tonight I made Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Grapes, Green Beans, and brown rice for my family and friends. We watched The Curious Case of Benjermain Button on MY TV! So much fun to snuggle in the comfort of your own home and watch a movie only out in theaters! The dinner turned out perfect! But a bit hectic at the end because the recipe said the pork should be 145 degrees when it's ready to take out of the oven and I didn't have a meat thermometer so Sean ran to the store, luckily I live near an awesome kitchen supply store, to buy one just in time to check it. It read 153 degrees, a bit too high but it wasn't dry so I was very pleased.

Here I already broke my unofficial vow to my self to not have wine for a while, I had 2 glasses like this-

This is my plate

The dish of yummy pork and grapes in a shallot and wine sauce! The recipe was from Cooking Light and it was just Divine!

The lovely and simple sides:

The Extreme Close Up:
And of course we busted out the Coconut Date rolls! They were tooo good!!!!!!

I'm off to bed to wake and run because today was too busy too and Sean has already done the dishes for me! Goon night everyone!



  1. Hehe--"extreme close up"--That pork looks GREAT!
    I know all about the broken wine vow ;)

  2. lara-
    I know I tried!! But the wine is so tempting!!!