Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Best Things in Life Are Free!

This morning was amazing! Thanks to Gina! Her blogfamous Breakfast Cookie was outta this world! I have been meaning to try it but didn't have the protein powder to make it with, well I bought it a couple of days ago and voila! You can find how to make it here: http://www.fitnessista.com/2008/11/something-worth-waking-up-for.html
For mine I used: 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 scoop Whey Protein powder in vanilla, 1 over ripe banana mashed, 1 shot raisins, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1/2 tbsp Pumpkin Butter, and a dash of Cinnamon. It was stupendous!!!!! Mine was a bit soft, maybe because I used a whole banana instead of half or maybe because I didn't let it sit in the fridge long enough, but either way it is good eats! I was full for 3.5 hours! I also had this apple:
I was lucky to catch a bit of the Inauguration on the TV at a prop house and got the chills it is so exciting!!!!! YEA for our new President Obama!
I came home for and early lunch before going into work and had some Annie's WW shells with white chunk tuna and frozen peas and a side salad with a tomato and balsamic dressing:
For my break I was looking forward to this treat all day! And it is so good! My fave Larabar by far! I can't wait to try to recreate this one Home Made Style!
Along with the bar I had a small orange, very refreshing!
I later snacked on these little tasty morsels: Mrs. May's Almond clusters:
I love free food! I think it is the fat girl inside me wanting to eat everything in sight and not waste anything! My mom was the "human garbage disposal" when I was a kid and all the left over bits on our plate would make up her plate and she lived on our discards, hehe! This must have rubbed off on me because I find myself saving everything for the off chance I can eat or use it later. Working at the Cafe is hard because everyday there is food we throw away if nobody wants to take it home! It is torture for me to see perfectly good sandwiches, muffins, pastries and soup go to the garbage can.
Today I got to take home Butternut Squash soup! It is vegan; dairy free, fat free and full of flavor! I love butternut squash soup so much especially when (like this one) has a hint of spice and a hint of curry! I had one container for dinner, along with a WW bun I took home earlier this month and froze. I just heated it in the microwave and boom free, fast and delicious. I had a small salad like lunch's on the side to make it more well rounded!

Yumm what a huge meal! I love when dinner comes together so nicely! I am off to cook, I know, I know, but I am in the mood so I think I will steam some Bok Choy and Red Potatoes for tomorrow and of course I can't resist to make another Bfast Cookie!!! Thanks again Gina!

Also, if you haven’t already check it out, Angela at ohsheglows.com/ is hosting another amazing contest! An Honest Foods prize! Check out the contest , http://ohsheglows.com/2009/01/17/the-results-of-the-honest-foods-contest-giveaway-contest-2/ you have until this Thursday, January 22!

Good night and "yes we can"



  1. I agree- Gina's b-fast cookie is delish. The problem I had last time I made it is that I ended up eating it for a snack the night before rahter than saving it for breakfast. haha

    Yes we can!!

  2. oh, breakfast cookie! looks absolutely wonderful!!! gina would be proud! hehe!

  3. ahh i AM proud! it's beautiful!
    i'm so glad you liked it and thank you for the wonderful shout out <3
    have a great night!

  4. I've been meaning to try out the bfast cookie too! Protein powder has been on my list for like a month now, lol!

    I also REALLY love butternut squash soup! YUM! When I used to work in this hotel/restaurant we had the same problem with always throwing out lots of food every day, so we decided to start donating it to the local shelter which was a few blocks away. It was really a win-win :D

    I never got around to making Larabars this weekend but the coconut one is the first one I wanted to try! I've never actually tasted the actual thing but that's ok, haha!

  5. Too bad you couldn't donate some of the food to a shelter :(

    I still need to try this infamous bfast cookie!! It always looks so good :)

    The inauguration made me teary!