Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am so STUFFED...

After my Chinese food lunch I was full, then later at home was still fine, a bit hungover but fine. A couple hours later I felt a bit of a headache and could not tell if it was from caffeine withdrawal, (no coffee today), my hangover, or hunger so I drank a Diet Coke and had a small snack a bit later.
I had 3 or 4 tbsp of hummus, a WW Pita, 2 Persian cucumbers, 1 cup baby carrots, and good handful of raw french green beans, -I love raw green beans I always eat a few raw if I'm cooking with them but I was too lazy to dirty any more dishes so I just ate them raw. Good and crunchy! This was more like a meal but I have been craving veggies so it really hit the spot!
Sean and I did as planned we lounged around most of the day. It was rather cold in the house so I made my favorite non caffeinated tea:
Then later we snuggled up to watch our Netflix of Annie Hall-so cute I highly recommend this movie to those that have not seen it. We popped some organic pop corn with no butter and 120 cal per serving. I had about 1/3 of the bowl (less than 1 serving). Love pop corn it's a guilt free snack!
I was craving something sweet, probably because I have indulged so much lately, so I had a piece of marzipan form Spain's stash.
After the movie I had some more tea and a chocolate- ahhh what's up with my sweet tooth?????
For dinner I wanted to do something simple because we didn't feel up to much so I made 2 of these: WW tortilla with a tbsp of skim cheese, lettuce, Persian cucumber, tomato, raw tofu, a tbsp of hummus and a splash of Tapatio hot sauce.
This is my plate of 2 wraps, I am not sure why I made 2 but I was oddly needing bulk and then I was super stuffed.
It was all very healthful and low caloric but I am very full. I do feel a bit soft and heavy these days so if anyone has some advice on an extra boost to burn more calories-my running does not seem to be doing enough, I would greatly appreciate it. I was watching the "Half Ton Man" and felt the sudden urge to exercise so Sean did a mini boot camp in our living room for me and I did 3 sets of arm weights, lunges accross the house 5 times, knee thrusts in a push up position and leg lifts. I am pooped but feel better. Tomorrow I am doing a morning run and then yoga with mom and sis!! I haven't practiced in so long I desperately need to find a studio near me! Hope you all have a good night and had a good first day of 2009!

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