Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Spain Post Numero Dos

Well it's about time I posted my 2nd Spain post huh? Thanks to K at for asking me to post Spain pics I am finally posting some Euro eats and sites! Instead of a regular post of my daily eats and meanderings I am giving you MADRID!

But first and foremost my dried Dragon fruit review:
It's really interesting! I have never tired Dragon fruit raw or fresh so I don't have much to compare it to. You see I am a dried food nut and almost always if I like the fruit raw I like it dried, even freeze dried! This particular fruit dried is very nice texture! It reminds me of a chip, or rice cracker. It's thin shape and crispy bubbles makes for a fun treat in your mouth! Now the flavor: a bit sweet, a bit bitter. I don't know if I have ever tasted anything quite like them! If you like to try new things I recommend these!

Here we go with Spain, they are out of order but I will try to explain them.
This is my mama, Sean and me in front of the train station.

Here my dad, Sean and I are at the gates of the Gardens:
We ate at the oldest restaurant in the world according to The Guinness Book of World Records:
The crazy crowded streets of Gran Vía and around the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol:
The local beer, a lot like Corona or Budweiser, not too impressive.
Giggling it up in the Metro
A tapas, pub like stop: gotta love the Bulls:
There was Christmas decorations on every street!

The beautiful architecture:
In the Atocha train station there was a funny baby's face sculpture by Antonio López García
Holy Toledo! Yes we visited this ancient city and saw beautiful culture and religion!
Here is a sculpture made of MARZIPAN- yummmm! This dessert is made of Almond and honey and sometimes egg yolk. In Spain it is most popular during Christmas as it is a religious treat made by Nuns and Spaniards claim it's origin to be in Toledo.
The Santo Tome church:
Fat Santa in the street market-haha:
Eating underground!
The Castle in Toledo:
The Train station in Toledo:
Chips and Guacamole at a Mexican Restaurant!!!! So good, the guac had curry and tumeric in it- yummmmmmm!
My Pork with rice and veggies!
The best steak I ever had! With potatoes and brussel sprouts!
At the Mexican restaurant Surpriso Y Surpriso!
My staple bfast- I bought some Activia yogurt in new flavors and ate it with All Bran, a banana, and dried Cranberries, Peach juice and Coffee!
The hallway of our Piso!
Atoche train station:
TAPAS!!!!!! This is Roasted Red Peppers stuffed with ground pork and covered in a creamy tomato sauce! Tasted like meatloaf!
This is also pork, skewered with a tasty rub of spices!
This was one of my favorite meals from Museo De Prado!!!! Garbanzo bean soup in yummy broth with a side fruit salad with kiwi, orange, melon, pom. A WW slice and a little bite of another bread and salad with black olives, beets, mix greens, and cucumber!!!!! Yummmmm! With a glass of white wine:
Roaming the streets near our Piso:
Inside a church:
The bread at tapas:
Us at listening to Flamenco:

Well there are more pictures on my computer but this otta be enough for one night! But if not you can go here,, to see my older Spain posts. Hope you all enjoy my trip pics and hope you get to visit Spain if you haven't already! Good night all!

What's your favorite city abroad?



  1. I went to Madrid with my dad and brother a couple years ago. We went to Toledo for a day trip and I think ate at that same restaurant!

  2. Wow, such awesome pictures!
    I really want to travel sometime soon!

    And dragon fruit is delicious!

  3. What fun, beautiful photos!! I've never been to Spain but I hear Barcelona is an especially fun city. My favorite city abroad so far has to be Paris. I know it's a little cliche but I really just get happy thinking about that place :)

  4. I'm so spoiled!! Thank you - GORGEOUS pictures!

    The food looks fantastic and the sites are beautiful. Baby's head?! Haha - gotta love those crazy Euros!

    My favorite city abroad is Milan. I NEED to go back :)

  5. Barcelona is my favorite city. I want to live there someday. Did you get a chance to see it when you were in Spain? It is SO beautiful!

    Dragonfruit sounds really interesting.

  6. Those prok stuffed peppers just made my mouth water! And the church ceiling is so vibrant and beautiful!

    My favorite foreign town (even though I haven't been that many places) is Montreal. I reeeally want to goto Europe!

  7. erin- I love Montreal! My mom is from Hamilton! Cananda is underated for sure!

    Sagan- I didn't get to see Barcelona boo:( We had 10 days and so much to see in Madrid alone that we just ran out of time! I want to go back in the summer to experience Barcelona for sure! Dragon fruit is my new fave snack!

    K- I know weird baby head! I am glad you like the pics it's all cause of you dear!

    lara- I love Paris too, I went when I was 14 and again 3 christmas' ago and want to go agian! the city is so beautiful!

    sharon- I am glad you like dragon fruit too! I think traveling is the best way to spend money saved for sure!

    ashley- crazy!!! you ate at the same place?? How cool!

  8. So jealous of your trip. Lovely pictures. You can Sean looks so cute together. =)