Friday, January 23, 2009

Rainy Day Eats!

Happy Friday everyone! I want start this post with my boyfriends beautiful work. I am so proud of him! He works for a production company ( I am not naming it to protect the rights to this picture). He is the Lead man and Construction Coordinator for this show, his job is HARD work and he built this amazing set for a movie coming out soon and I wanted to share it with you:
OK enough bragging :) This morning I was missing my hot stove top oats and since I didn't have to go in to work until 1pm I made some!
Blueberry oats with Fage 0%, a 2 part shot of Craisins and raisins and a 1/2 shot of roasted peanuts! So delish!
This morning I received my very first BIG TV, a flat screen too! It's kind of a long story but to make it brief Sean's mom's boyfriend had a flat screen but bought a new one and liked it better so he gave Sean's mom his old one, but she already had one so we got her older 42" Samsung flat screen!!!!! Um ya for FREE! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Here it is with my BIG glass of skim milk this morning watching the Today Show with Joy Bauer, a wonderful nutritionist discussing better food choices while eating out:
Before I left to run some errands I had one of my home made larabars:
When I returned home I had a lovely lunch! A brown rice tortilla with turkey, lettuce, lite Munster, and red pepper hummus! On the side some baby carrots and sugar snap peas!
For dessert (yes I had dessert with lunch) I had the amazing Dragon Fruit crisps with some dried fruit and Roasted peanuts-can't get enough of these!Later in the day I wanted something sweet so I went for my stash of chocolate and had 2 squares of Ritter Sport with marzipan!
I had this for my afternoon snack- hmmmm I am now realizing how much I ate today....
For dinner I went nice and healthy with leftover Tofu, stir fried bok choy and brown rice:
And once again I had a little dessert of dried fruit and nuts!

Maybe it's the cold weather (by cold I mean 61 degrees) and the rain (much needed I might add) that makes me so munchie! But tomorrow is another day so I will try to eat more intuitively and less "grab it if it's there" type eating.

My 42" is calling my name so off I go to start my weekend with a nice movie in the comfort of my own theater- my living room!!

Goon night ya'll!



  1. Please tell us what movie the set is from when it comes out. I'm dying to know. The set looks beautiful. You have a very talented BF. The TV looks crystal clear.

  2. YAY for a free flat tv!!!! :) :)

    That set is very cool!

  3. That set is very cool!! That must be an interesting job to have, lol!

    Free stuff is awesome! Especially when it's a tv! haha!

  4. aw that set looks awesome! I would be proud too :)

  5. NIIIIIICE set and TV!! Both look amazing!

    Love the addition of the muenster!