Monday, January 19, 2009

Whole Foods!

I love Whole Foods!!! I wish it weren't so dang expensive! I even love just walking around and seeing all the good healthy and new products!!! I will show you my loot later in the post. I broke my bank a bit but I find I can get most my needed groceries at TJ's and be done with it!

For bfast this morning I had a late start and was planning on making a smoothie with some Whey Protein powder I bought at 24 Hour but didn't have the time (are smoothies even time consuming prob not:) so I fixed myself a bowl of cereal with 1 cup Kashi Sunshine, my last cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1/2 cup Heritage flakes, 1 over ripe banana ( I need to make some of Veggiegirl's banana fig muffins!!!) 1/2 shot raisins, 1/2 shot Craisins and 1.5 cups of skim milk.

My bowl was FULL:
At work today it was a co-worker's birthday! So there was cake!! Not just any birthday cake but a Double Chocolate cake, dense and rich!!! I wish I had a pic, but I am not doing the "taking pics of what I eat" yet at work. So I had 1/2ish a piece and a nonfat Cappuccino to go with my yummmy treat!!!! For lunch I had no room and no time for a real meal so I ran home to grab a Peppermint Stick Luna Bar. You see Ella checking out the goods!
When I got home I had to run back out to shop for the Fashion Island photo shoot so I sliced and apple and had the last of my Fage 0% with 2 chopped Figs and a shot of almonds-Yummm!

So Whole Foods!!!! I was way to tired to cook tonight, having done a double work day, so Sean and I ventured out to the Whole Foods near our house and got the hot food bar for dinner. Mine included: BBQ Tofu, Wheat berry curry, cauliflower, rice with cilantro and pine nuts, Chinese broccoli with garlic, a beet, and my fave dish there; Lima Beans with green olives and garlic-soooooo tasty, they were a bit dry tonight but still good as ever!

I also got the Brown rice veggie sushi! I started with half and finished the rest as we browsed. I love ginger on my sushi!

I was not planning on getting all my weeks worth of groceries and ended up just getting some randoms. The main event: Larabars!!!! Ok Ok I know I just made some hand made ones at home to save moola and all but I have never tired these flavors and the walnuts in my version tend to give me an itchy throat if I eat too many ( I have a slight allergy). So I invested in all these new flavors!!!! And 2 new Cliff bars! I was looking for the White Chocolate Macadamia nut but they don't have them yet:(

I also bought the ingredients I needed to make the Banana Fig Muffins found here:

Fewww what a day! The rest of my night includes: TV (Inside the Actor's Studio with Ricky Gervais-love him and The White House: Closed Doors), make lunch for tomorrow, shower, SLEEP!!!

Hope you all have a great night!



  1. Girl that bowl of cereal is killing me! yum yum!

    I LOVE Whole Foods too, if I had a free for all grocery budget Id buy the store! hahaha

    Have a great night!

  2. i know what you mean about whole foods being expensive...why is that the healthiest food is always the most expensive?! I guess you get what you pay for right?!

    All the food looks really good (especially the sushi!) Have a great night girl!

  3. My sister just made muffins with black berries and figs in them. YUMMMM!

    I wish there was a Whole Foods near me:(

  4. I am so jealous that you live next to a WF! Your dinner looks fantastic. I always get their brown rice sushi too, and load up on the ginger :)

  5. That is A LOT of Larabars! I'm jealous you found so many flavors in one place!

    Your dinner looks good too! So many different flavors in one little bowl.. the only one that I don't 'get' is the lima bean one but that's just me :D Me and lima beans have had problems since I was a kid, haha!

    Also, I totally love Ricky Gervais too. He is AWESOME!

  6. I love Whole Foods, I have to go there with a set amount of money or else I'll spend it all!

    Your dinner looks really good, so many different tasty things!

  7. LOVE Whole Foods AND Ricky Gervais! He's hilarious!!

    I hope you get the WCMN Clifs soon because they are pretty tasty :)

  8. Yum I love bigol Cereal bowls! Im with ya on WF, its such a dangerous place!