Sunday, January 4, 2009

Budokon Baby!

I was having a nice day of lounging and decided to do some yoga from a DVD I have had for years. It is Budokon yoga which is a mix of yoga, martial arts and meditation. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon :) I did the 20 min yoga part twice and skipped the martial arts bit. It contains kicking and punching and I was in a more peaceful state. Before my practice I had this little Gala, Ella kept trying to nibble it hehe.
After yoga I snacked on this 1/2 of a Cliff left over from yesterday. I've felt weird about eating day old/left out bars in the past and was surprised to find it was still fresh and delicious. I guess my glutinous side wanted to finish a whole bar. But this little bite was fine.
For dinner the menu changed last minute when I saw the directions for the Lime Chicken said to "marinate for 3-4 hours at least!" I was too hungry and could not wait the 4 hours so I popped this frozen lasagna in the oven, lucky me Sean picked this one up at the store.
It turned out lovely and only took 60 min! I had 1 serving which was about 265 calories, I wish it had more veggies in it, inspiration to make my own version. On the side I steamed some green beans sprinkled with garlic powder and S&P and the rest of lunches broccoli.

Tomorrow the agenda is to stop by my counselor at school and get all my stuff straight. I am a bit nervous just to step onto campus, it has been so long-eeeek! I am also applying for jobs tomorrow -another eeeek-I hope to get a part time job at a Health Food Restaurant. But we will see. I have been told from my Designer boss that there is talk of commercial and photo jobs coming up but nothing is booked so....I got to make ends meet some how especially if I will be shelling out monies for school.

Well I am off to watch the show on the Mayan prophecies about end of the world in 2012, how optimistic of me! Better to be prepared I always say-hehe.

Gnight everyone



  1. Looks like a great "go-to" dinner. I'd love to see your homemade version, too!

  2. That apple is so tiny!

    I like the idea of a frozen lasagna made with whole wheat noodles. It's always nice to have frozen things like that on hand from times when you can't or don't feel like cooking up a meal.. though making your own is a great idea!

    Good luck at school!

  3. I've never tried TJ frozen meals, but the lasagna looks pretty tasty.

    Love the kitty pic!