Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok I need a NEW camera!

I am so deeply disappointed by my Casio Exilim "Crappio" is more like it! It was fine for my quick On Set pics or continuity pics on set, but this whole photographing my food thing has brought my standards to a whole new level! I am open to suggestions! So many of you lovely bloggers have wonderful looking pictures and I am officially jealous! I am not looking for anything too fancy or anything too expensive but just a GOOD camera that will take a clear picture and has a decent flash. I know my best pics are done in natural light with no flash, but I am often taking pictures at night, in my car, early morning or on the go....So I need a better camera to equipped myself with!

Well I guess I will show you what I mean; bfast pick:
Kashi WW Waffle with 1/2 tbsp of Almond butter, 1 small mashed REALLY over ripe banana, 2 shots of TJ's Twigs and Flakes, a spoon of Fage 0%, an orange, and some dried tropical fruit for fun :)

I thought the Waffle/ over ripe banana would be better, it was a bit soggy and too sweet but oh well.
I ate this bar at work around 10am, but took this pic at home before:
These Z bars, even though for kids, are very tasty and satisfying when I need a lil something but not a whole protein bar.
For lunch I packed a Sun Dried Tomato Jalapeno Tortilla with turkey, roast red pepper hummus and muenster (I have not been spelling it with an "e" so my appologise, my strong suit is obviously not my spelling:) This wrap was by FAR my fave so far! The salty cheese and tangy spicy tortilla went so well with the turkey and hummus!!!! Yummm! I need to buy more turkey now!
I also packed some baby carrots and sugar snap peas- I love these!
When I got off work I was in a hurry to run to the prop houses to snap a few pics for the Fashion Island add so I grabbed this Black Cherry Almond Cliff:
I made it home in the WORST traffic, but early enough to muster up the energy to make dinner. I made my BBQ Chicken atop a mixed salad with Herb Spring mix, Butter Lettuce, Persian cucumber, red pepper, red cabbage, red onion, a dash of Goddess dressing ( yummm I haven't this stuff for YEARS and I have missed it, I cut it out due to the fat content, but now I figure a tad will not hurt me + the flavor it so jam packed you only need a tinsy bit).

This salad was just what the DR. ordered! I know I have not been posting any exercise lately....that's because I really haven't done any :( I try to squeeze in yoga, but my mind is a million places and my body is so tired! I will not let this stop me, and I plan to pick back up soon! I am on my feet all day at work and am hoping that the amount of calories I am burning will not allow me to GAIN any weight, but I sure know I am not LOSING any. I feel healthy and that is most important, but I would like to exercise because when I do I feel 10 times better! My will power is not keeping up right now and I need a bit of a push! The first step is getting my gym membership! So we will make that priority #1!

Good night everybody! I plan to have a few pieces of dried fruit for my dessert so I might show you the goods tomorrow, but to be honest it is just like the last few days dessert so I will probably spare you the lame pictures.


P.S. Monday is over and we are going on to Tuesday so if you guys are counting down the days til this weekend is here~ 4 more days baby!!


  1. Oh my gosh - your lunch has my name written all over it! First the wrap with muenster and hummus, YUM! Then when I thought it couldn't get any better you have two of my fav veggies :)

    Spelling...ya I used to be really good at spelling but now that I have to memorize/spell all these medical terms that are 27 letters long I can't spell the simplest for crap! Thank God for spell check!

    My camera is a FujiFilm FinepixZ in neon green :D I like it - I'm still kind of getting used to it but it works for me!

  2. I really want your salad. And wrap. And waffle. :D

  3. ksgoodeats- glad you like my lunch, I did too! Spell check is my best friend! Thanks for the Camera info I am on the hunt!

    Sagan- Thanks!