Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Friday I'm in Love!

Yes indeed I feel a lot better and my boyfriend had once again proven to be the best ever! He came home last night after a long hard day of working a 15 hour shift! He saw me curled up on the couch with heating pad and ice pack on my wounds and made me tea and tended to my every need! He is the breast!!! So today went much better. I worked at the cafe from 10am to 6:30pm and was standing and serving all day long! I started my day with my blueberry oats topped with a 3 part shot of Craisins, raisins, and almonds. Also atop my oats was a big scoop of Fage 0% and 1/4 a blueberry Z Bar.
I have a sad story about my French Press; I broke it while emptying out the grinds in the trash :( It cracked and so I tossed it along with my morning coffee's. But I had the next best thing; Chai Tea with Splenda and skim!
Before work I had the rest of my Z Bar and this glorious Apple:
At work I made 2 nonfat sugar free vanilla lattes...yummmmm! I was WIRED! I got to come home for lunch so I made some Whole Wheat Pasta with tomato sauce, Tofurkey and Parmesan cheese! It was nice and filling!
I also had 1/2 a cucumber for some crispy greenness:
For my dessert I had Mrs. May's in Cashew:
For dinner I brought home (for free) a bowl of vegetarian Tortilla Soup, which is nonfat, dairy free, and yummy spicy blend of tomato and tortillas!!! I heated up along with it the last WW tortilla with a slice of low fat Munster cheese!
This meal was soooooo good! I love the soup and will definitely get this again. I dipped my quesadilla in it for a fun "throw back to elementary school days" meal.
For dessert I had 2 figs!

Well Ladies and Gents I am off to get ready for my friend Ben's B-day Party! He lives near my old apt in Hancock Park and I love getting to go into that "Old Hollywood" neighborhood! There will most likely be some wine or beer consumed but I am allowing myself to have a night of freedom! I had a rough week! I will let you all in on the sinning tomorrow with a full recap!

Have a wonderful Friday and yea for the weekend!



  1. I now have the cure for the dreary day, The Cure. Or your post themed with this sweet Cure song. Hope this weekend is calming!!

  2. What a sweetie your bf is.
    I have never tried Tofurkey before...does it take some getting used to?
    Happy Friday to you :)

  3. Erin- I love your coment, The Cure is a great band! It sure is a good way to cheer up anybody's day!

    Lara- He is the beux of my ball! Tofurkey is very yummy, the texture is similar to a thick cut deli meat and they have different flavors. I believe mine was the smoked flavor, not too smokey and simple tasting! A good way to try it first would be in a sandwich or wrap, thats how i got hooked!

  4. awww what a great bf! Love all the eats!