Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How I love to sleep!

So I slept in 'til 10am this morning! I planned to blog before lunch but my computer was acting up and I didn't want to get all huffy so I walked away and just came back to it now at 5:30pm!

Today was a pretty stressful day unfortunately. Sean's father is in the hospital in Houston, Texas and we are very worried and so far away it's been a hard couple of days to tell you the truth. But there is no sense in stressing over things you cannot control so I am trying to focus on the positive. It's time like these when I (even though I am not religious) look to a higher power to get me through the hard times. I even pray, which seems a bit weird to me but feels right.
Fewww! Glad I got that off my chest!

On a brighter eats! For breakfast I wasn't in the mood for hot oats so I busted out a new product I bought at Costco last night:
These little guys are full of whole grains! They are a bit sweet so I paired 1 cup with 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean, 1 cup Kefir ( I realized I have been misspelling this:) 1/2 shot raisins and 1 med banana. On the side is my coffee with skim and these really CUTE coasters Sean's mom made us!
Close up!
This combo was interesting, the sweet cereal and sour kefir was a nice contrast, but the cereal was very puffy and light and got a bit soggy :(
I then drove to the 24 Hour Fitness near by to check it out and use my free pass. On the way I realized that the pass had expired!!! And I realized that the "near by" was really too far to go just for a gym. I hate driving to the gym at all but especially because the rout there was straight through congested streets full of good. So I didn't even go in. I came home to have lunch which consisted of leftover Mexican! I added a 1/2 cup brown rice to make it more substantial and it turned out to be sooo much food!!!A while after lunch I drove to TJ's to pick up some things had this 1/2 of my Cliff bar from yesterday.
Here are my goodies!
I love these Tamarind pods!! They are not only super cheap $1.99 a bag, but also so much fun to eat! Sweet, spicy, and chewy! If you like Chile Mango you will love these!
I also bought these; I am on a dried fruit kick!A new coffee: Cute name huh?
Here is the other bag of goodies:
As you can see I bought no veggies because I have a fridge full! I forgot to get Yams though so I will have to go back to the store tomorrow sometime.
Here is my taste to show you the dried tamarind:
After putting everything away I walked to the post office to drop off my Netflix and ended up walking for 51 min burning 152 calories. I returned to snack on these bites: 1 small orangeAnd 2 spoonfuls of Fage 0% 1 small red delicious, and 1/4 cup Organic Heritage. This cereal is perfect for mixing with yogurt, it holds up nice because the flakes are thick, it was quite satisfying! Almost so much I don't know when I will be hungry for dinner :)

I think I will try to squeeze in some OnDemand yoga and a bath (to read my new Cooking Light mag) before dinner. That is if I can pull myself off the couch and away from "RAH! Paul Abdul Cheerleading" on MTV, sad but I love it. I was a Varsity Cheer Captain in High School so watching brings back memories! I am on my own for dinner tonight, Sean is working late, so I am not sure what I will eat. I am still nice and full!



  1. wow so many good eats!
    sorry about the stressful hospital incident...hope things work out with it =(

  2. followmyweigh- Thank you very much for the support! It means a lot to me.

  3. Great Tj goodies, have you tried the Chilli Mango? Its divine!
    Sorry to hear about Seans father, well wishes to you all! :)

  4. I haven't seen that Kashi cereal around here but it looks super good! It does look like something i'd eat dry though as opposed to having it as cereal.

    I'm sorry to hear about Sean's father, I hope he's ok.