Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feast of Feasts!

Hello Bloggers!
My day today was full of food and shopping! I love shopping!!! What girl doesn't really? I want to share the late night dinner Sean had with you all because I had a slice! Very tasty TJ's Margarita Pizza- thin and perfect:

Man I hadn't had pizza in so long it was a real treat in my mouth! But lets move to my bfast!

I had a bowl of cereal ( I was too lazy to cook up anything and was feeling like something cold, I planned on making a smoothie but went for the quicker eats) I had 1/2 cup Kashi Sunshine, 1/2 cup Heritage flakes, 1.5 cups Skim with 1/2 scoop of Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla, 1 small sliced banana, 1/2 shot of almonds, 1/2 shot of raisins and 1.5 shots of frozen Wild Organic Blueberries:

Sean and I wrote a list for the things to do today, he sadly only had today off work so it was all business! Before we headed out the door I had a Coconut Date roll!!!

After a long 3 hours of trying on clothes and doing some window shopping we left the mall, shopping bags in hand, to head to get some lunch. We decided on the Japanese BBQ, which we both have never tried!
It was fabulous! Here is our table with the grill in the middle to cook our order! I had Iced Green tea and Sean had Happy Hour 99 Cent Kirin Beer:
The combo we ordered the Premium Set- a lunch Special- Included: Kobe Kalbi Short Rib, Miso-Bistro Harami Steak, Chicken Basil, Ahi Tuna Shio, a Miso soup, Kim-Chee, edemame, and a salad:
See the food comes raw and you cook it at your table!
This is the taste of the steak and my 1st share of rice:
The Ahi that we flash fried to sear the outside!!!
My bit of chicken, it had a pesto sauce:
We also ordered 2 sides of veggies, Spinach with Garlic:
And Sweet Potato, but it had butter on it GRRRR:
My taste of ribs-my fave: ( you see the rice portion dwindling with each pic)
I also had the miso soup, the salad, a few pieces of edemame and almost a whole bowl of white rice-yikes! I left very full!
We ended up going to World Market and got new curtains! I love them and will show you soon! We stopped at Home Depot, Trader Joes and the Beauty Supply store and then we were done for!
By the time we returned home it was 5:30pm! And needless to say I had built up an appetite so I busted out my dried fruit purchased from TJ's:
I love Trader Joes but HATE the lines on Sunday! We shopped and were ready to pay in 5 min and we didn't leave for 40min-AHHHH!
As I prepared dinner I had a glass of 1/2 wine and 1/2 sparkling water! A new mix I enjoy!! I had one with dinner as well:
We picked up these new tortillas to try with the Shrimp Tacos I was making:
I loved these so much I snacked on one as I cooked! They remind me more of Naan than a tortilla! I am very into my carbs today!
We bought these to go with some salsa but never busted into them:
Sean had one of these and I had a sip:
Here is my plate:
Yummy! But way to much bready type food for me! I am sooo full and I regret eating the second tortilla let alone the third!!!! But I will make up for it tomorrow by being carb conscious, if I can:)
I am off to wash up and watch the new TV and hit the hay! I have the opening shift tomorrow so I had better get my beauty rest!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Yummy eats!!! :) YAY For lots of shopping!

  2. Ooh I LOVE Margarita Pizza, I hardly ever have it but when I do it's a special treat!

    All of the food looks fantastic though, YUM!

  3. oh YES, good shopping and good food...sounds like a pretty killer day to me :)

  4. ohhh...look at all that yumminess! your trader joes products make me jealous as i don't have tj's to go to anymore out here in fL!

  5. Shrimp tacos sound fantastic! I love your close-up shots. And that's so cool that you cook the food right at the table like that.

  6. Oh my goodness that pizza looks fantastic! Those tortillas are SO going on my TJs shopping list! I agree, though, the lines kill me :(

  7. Everything looks amazing! I want that bowl of cereal, and those chips are so colorful!