Friday, January 9, 2009

What's With Wanting.....

to SNACK!!!! I got home from my shift at 1PM was procrastinating the things I had to do. Just didn't want to commit yet- does this happen to you? So my belly was full yet I was still snacky! I hate this feeling, a bottomless pit if you will.

I started my day off great with a bowl of cereal like the past few days- I can't get enough! I had: 1 cup Kashi Sunshine, 1 cup Organic Heritage Flakes, 1 cup unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 shot Bare Naked Granola, 1 Mission Fig chopped and 1/2 a banana.

I woke super early. Sean had to wake up at 4:45am and once the alarm went off, and my eyes opened I was immediately hungry! So sleeping was no longer an option:) After my bfast and before I left for work I had this yummy Larabar in Peanut Butter Cookie.
At work I had some iced Mugicha (Japanese Barley tea). It is decaffeinated-good thing cause too much makes me so wired! Sorry no pic I was afraid to bust out the camera and explain my blog on day 2. For lunch I ate the wrap I made last night with Tofurky, light Munster and Eggplant hummus with baby carrots. I was very satisfied for a good couple of hours! By the time I got home I wasn't really hungry, but as I said earlier I was distracted and procrastinating... so I ate. Bad I know. It allnstarted with a small innocent orange~

Then I had 4 prunes and a dried tamarind pod~
Then went back for more prunes, tamarind and added a shy spoon of Almond Butter for protein~
Literally 2 hours later I wanted more-hmmmm... I figured I needed some carbs so I had 2 shots of kefir, 1/4 cup of Organic Heritage Flakes, 1/2 shot of raisins, 1/2 shot of sliced almonds. This time I sat down to really enjoy it. The earlier snacks were eaten standing up in the kitchen and thinking of my to do list. I knew this time I needed to process what was going into my mouth!
For dinner I had planned to make King Ranch Chicken (low fat version) so as I prepped I made myself a Faux-tini! What a treat! These are not only fun to make and fun to drink but oh so pretty too!

BlueLime Faux-tini:
  • 3-5 limes freshly squeezed = 2 tbsp of lime juice

  • 1 shot frozen wild blueberries

  • 1/2 cup sparkling lime water

  • 1 Splenda pack or 1/2 tbsp of Agave

  • 1 cup ice

Add all ingredients except water to a shaker (or a glass will do) and "muttle" (which is to mush or bash) with spoon until blueberries release their color and the lime is mixed up. Add the sparkling water and mix again. Strain into Martini glass and garnish by spooning in bits of blueberries. Drink and enjoy the guilt free delite! This drink is very refreshing, sour and sweet at the same time!

Here is my finished dish of King Ranch Chicken. The left side is my even lighter version with brown rice instead of chips and light Munster instead of Cheddar. The right side is for the boyfriend; full fat and twice the amount, you can see he already dug in before I could snap my pic :)
My plate: this is one large serving, it has a little less than half of the above pictured healthy side. With the last of the bag of baby carrots.
I had some of this as well! My favorite light beer.
I don't foresee any dessert on tonight's menu so I guess that's all for today! I think it's plenty!
Have a happy Friday night ya'll!


  1. I hear ya on the snacking, sister. At least you kept it all helathy.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, Cassandra, you eat so healthy! I am in awe. Your cereal bowl reminded me of the elaborate breakfast my husband puts together each morning for himself- he's quite the cereal nut.

  3. That was me yesterday with popcorn and chocolate peanut butter and raisins. Sometimes the snacking just hits us!

    Your faux-tini looks delicious. About the peanut butter cookie larabar, does it have chunks of peanuts in it? I've seen it and want to try it but I don't like peanuts in bars- just creamy peanut butter.

    - Sagan

  4. that is exactly how i felt yesterday! luckily today i dont feel the same way haha

  5. Lara- I try!

    Vaishali- I think I just prefer healthy food, it feels better in my body and there are not funny aftertastes (my pet peve). I love cereal and have avoided it for most of my life because I couldn't stop after one bowl, now I have more control and when I crave it I have a big bowl for bfast!

    Sagan- I do enjoy snacking! About the Larabar, hmm the best way to describe it is crunchy and soft, there are defiently pieces of peanuts in it but it melts in your mouth! If you like creamy I would try Thinkthin bars in Creamy Peanut flavor, they are really smooth and kinda salty/sweet like peanut butter.

    Loveofoats- I am glad I was not alone! Today I had no time to snack, luck I guess cause I would sure love to do it agian!