Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Lot Going On

Lately I feel swamped! I am working 2 jobs and balancing my home life with my work schedule and Sean's work schedule and let me just say it is exhausting!
Of Course I started my day with the new fave; Breakfast Cookie!!!! Today's cookie is exactly like yesterdays except I flattened it more trying to make it become harder over night. It didn't really work but it is still yummy! I had to eat it at lightning speed because my alarm didn't go off (or I hit the "off" button without knowing:) and I had only 30 min to eat, wash up, pick out an outfit, feed Ella, and run out the door!!
For lunch I had leftover Mac and Cheese with Tuna. My boss bought us all a little treat from the Japanese Market: Mini Gyuudon (beef bowl) with beni shoga (pickled ginger)!!! It was soo tasty, sweet beef over rice! I don't have a picture but you can see what the dish looks like here: This is the coolest site! I has Japanese recipes and lists the calories, it is awesome!

I came home WAY later than expected and was sooooo hungry! I went straight to the Bar Basket and grabbed this All Bran bar from Spain!

I bought these for my "go to" snack in Spain! I miss them a lot. I also broke out an Oatmeal Raisins Cookie I brought home from work.
I love comments from you to give the leftover food to a nearby shelter! We talked about it at work today and one of the guys was supposed to look into a place a while ago and has been slackin' so I think I might take over the job and hunt down a shelter! Sometimes we give the goods to the cooking school or art school for kids next door, but only sometimes.
Here is the portion of the cookie I didn't eat : ) I should have microwaved it and put it on a plate but I was rushing to fill my tummy!
They are BIG cookies, but I was still not satisfied. I must have gone too long before eating and nothing was satiating me! So I had some Mrs. May's almond clusters! I love these guys!

An hour or so later I was ready to just have my dinner already!!!! I had another round of Butternut Squash soup and a WW bun! Sorry for the repeats, but I need to go shopping so badly!
So after I ate this meal I left the house and headed to TJ's ASAP! Here are my goods:

I am psyched to try the Dragon Fruit! And for fun I bought 3 single beers to try with my honey!
See ya'll tomorrow for another day of eatz! I have not done a whole lot of exercise of late, I have been so whooped from the job at the cafe and the prepping/shopping for the photo shoot!
Good night to all in blog land!


  1. love all the eats!!!! Think I need to make a bfast cookie tomorrow:)

  2. oh man I have been wanting to try dragonfruit ever since I used my sister's kiddie shampoo that was dragonfruit scented and i thought it smelled like it was probably the most delicious fruit EVER!

  3. I can't wait to hear what you think about the dragon fruit! It's SO TASTY!

    I love buying fun new beers to try out!

  4. Mmm breakfast cookie. Can't wait to hear how the dragon fruit is! I love getting random unique beers to try:)

  5. Fabulous TJs haul!! Glad to hear you're looking into donating the food :)

    Spain?! Was it for a vaca? I humbly request travel pictures if you have them - I love Europ :)