Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sushi Time

I am back from my dinner and don't have any pics to show for it, first time hanging out with my friend in years so I strayed from taking a pic of my food. But it was very tasty! I had an Eel Roll with cucumber and sweet sauce, and Yellowtail sushi with lots of ginger and wasabi!!! It was a nice meal, not too filling but satisfied me so I feel good!

It was sooooo awesome to see this girl, it was like we had spent NO time apart. There was a lot of catching up to do and a lot of similar stories shared! I love connecting with people from my past, I feel it has been really hard for me to find decent girl friends as I get older, and this friendship feels real and right! Yeah! I told her about my blog and in her words "what do you do on a blog?" WOW there was a lot of explaining to do! I forget that not everyone blogs and it might seem odd to people who don't :) I guess I am a nerd, but it's cool cause so are all you guys! Just Kidding!

After my bfast and some laundry I did a 20 min yoga download for free! It was Gentle Hatha Yoga #1- I thought it was nice to listen to and easy to follow but WAY to easy. So my next download will be either intermediate or power or something much longer!!!! But it was still nice to stretch and warm up the body!
This afternoon I had some lil snacks- snack #1 chocolate
I know this pic is blurry!!!
Snack #2- 2 hours before I left for dinner I had this new flavor Cliff and a spoon of Fage 0%:
I love this flavor, I find Cliff bars can all kinda taste the same or be very close with the nuts and stuff, so I really like this fruit flavor! No nuts, just fruit and grains. The apricot flavor is there but subtle and not fake tasting which I love, a bit tart and a bit sweet (like me)!
I am now going to catch up on your blogs and try to not get into my pj's ( I was in them most of the day!) until Sean gets home from work! I hate it when he sees me in the morning in bed then when he gets home I'm in pj's! So I will try to stick out my cute outfit until he at least walks in the door!

Goodnight everybody! Love!


  1. I've gotta get on the yoga download train. So it's just audio instruction? Is it easy to follow without the visual? Sorry, I have questions! :)
    I know what you mean trying to explain the blog to non-bloggers and/or non-foodies. They kind of look at you like you're an alien. Maybe you'll turn them into food bloggies like us!

  2. Yummy sushi! My friends and family really don't get the food blog thing. I just don't discuss it with them. Oh well! Do you dip that Clif bar in the Fage? What a great idea!

  3. Glad to hear you had a fun dinner date with your friend!

  4. thinspired- yes you should get on the "train" the one I downloaded for free was 20 min of audio, but I am a bit experienced when it comes to the poses so i know what she/ he means and the descriptions of what to do or how to hold your head, point your toes etc. is very well explained. I think they have a pose guide but I didn't get it or didn't look for it. I really like the audio because it puts me into the practice much more than a OnDemand type class.

    strongandhealthy- I did dip the cliff into the fage= yummy in the tummy! (wow that was corny)

    ksgoodeats- thanks!

  5. So thoughtful of you to take something so small into consideration.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time with your friend! I LOVE sushi!!! About the blog, some of my friends would think I was a total wacko if I told them about it... some people just arent at this new era yet! haha