Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love/ Hate

This morning I had a nice sleep-in and so a late-ish bfast. It started with the last of my kefir:
Yummm! Then I had some very missed Blueberry Oatmeal mix with 1/2 a mashed banana and coffee. It is funny how much I miss oatmeal when I don't have it for a couple of days! This bowl was a bit over 1/2 cup of oats and it was so much more filling than dry cereal!
Topped with 1 shot raisins, 1/2 shot sliced almonds, 1/2 shot Kashi Sunshine....mmmmm!
I drove to Calabasas to see my parents this afternoon. My mom had a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen!! So we had a little feast! I split my meal with my mom so ordered the Split Pea and Barley Soup:
For the table we ordered the White Bean Hummus with Pita Bread. I had 2 Pieces of Pita dipped in the tasty hummus.
For the entree my mom and I split the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad right down the middle. We always order the salad with no chips and dressing on the side. They bring a small bowl of Ranch dressing and BBQ sauce. I dipped my chicken in the BBQ sauce and had a little fork taste of the ranch. The ranch + BBQ sauce = divine!
Then we took a family trip to Costco. This type of Sunday adventure is always fun with my parents and usually ends in a big bill! We ate at 12:30 PM and got to Costco around 1:30ish. There were samples galore! Hence my love/ hate; I LOVE good deals and monster amounts of toilette paper, but HATE the temptations and the way Costco makes you buy way too much of something you may never use! I tried to be good but had a few tastes as we braved the crowd. My first taste was this new tasty nutty cluster Mrs. May's naturals Dry Roasted Snacks! I had three (all flavors). I even bought the package they were so good!I had a sip of orange-pineapple juice! Pardon the foggy pic:
I saw the tray for Laughing Cow Light cheese with apple and had to try it! I have never tried this cheese. It was good, very creamy and mild but not my fave.
I had one little bite of the Mulitgrain cracker with Sun Dried Tomato Hummus but was not really feeling it so tossed it.
We left minimal damage and went home to sort out the goods. I nabbed this from their fridge:
I also sliced into one of my new apples:
And my new little clusters of joy!
This is what's inside:
The perfect little snack to switch up my bar habit. On my way home I snapped a pic through my sun/moon roof of the sunset! The sky is rarely this clear, usually smog ridden! The wind had been crazy here lately, how about in your neck of the woods? I love how in LA at this time of year the only weather there is to talk about is the wind lol!At home my new Roma tomatoes sitting pretty:
And the Red Deliciousness:
For dinner I put together a Mixed Bean and Broccoli Salad with Eggplant Hummus, edemame, black beans, tomato, steamed broccoli and a tbsp of Sesame Ginger dressing. It was so perfectly balanced I will for sure make this again!!!
For dessert I had a HEAPING spoon of Fage 0% with 2 mission figs and 2 tamarind pods. A very good mix!
And a cup-o-tea:
Goodnight everyone, tomorrow is Monday so I hope everyone enjoys their last hours of the weekend! I know I will be watching the Golden Globes, How about you?
I will leave you with this Yogi Tea mantra:



  1. "thanks we are blushing!"- Blueberry Oatmeal

  2. Your Costco snacking is so healthy!
    Ranch + BBQ is heaven on Earth!!

  3. Wow, what awesome eats!!! Love the split pea soup and white bean hummus..mmmmm!!!!

  4. your eats look so A.mazingly good!!! Especially the cashew crunch!! :)

  5. Love the mantra!

    Salad looks fantastic. As does the split pea soup, YUM.

    I adore apples with laughing cow light cheese; one of my favorite snacks. That will be my mid-morning snack for today, actually:)

  6. I don't know if I could be a controlled as you with all the samples around! I still have never been to a Costco, I want to go so bad! :)

  7. Costco!

    I totally bought those nut cluster things at Walmart before Christmas, I haven't actually tried them yet though! I'll have to check the Costco by my place to see if they sell them though!

    The picture of the sunset is super nice! It's all ice and cold around here so I'm super jealous!

  8. I am so hungry just looking at all these yummy foods!

  9. The BBQ Chicken chop salad is one of my favorite dishes at CPK. I ask for no beans and extra tomatoes. Yummy.

  10. haha if you go to costco on the weekend, it can practically be your lunch with the amount of samples they have! i do love me some costco :)