Saturday, January 10, 2009

Green Screen

Today I worked on (as I mentioned earlier in the week) a job for "Rescue Me" the TV promo. The day was long! I started my day off with a bowl of cereal, just like yesterdays, and a cup of coffee (since I was not going to make a free cup at the cafe). I ate bfast at 4:30AM, then left the house and went to a studio in Hollywood where we worked on sound stages.
When I arrived my boss gave me a belated Birthday gift:
It is an inside joke, and we giggled about it all day! In front of the pony is my second cup of coffee delivered via Starbucks. I also had a Cliff bar in Blueberry Crisp. Omg this flavor is so good! I first saw it in Tj's and then on I like Cliff bars more and more everyday! This bar was harder than some and had little crispies in it with a very natural and not overpowering blueberry taste. I much prefer this blueberry bar to the Z Bar's blueberry flavor.
The mostly day consisted of painting lots of MDF wood Chroma Green (green screen green). It was tons of manual labor and I feel like I got a good workout from it! Here are some pics of the "buildings" and the stage we put together, built and painted:
Not that exciting but it was nice to get back on a set and do what I am trained to do!
Lunch was at 12pm and it was a real treat. Usually when shooting in a studio lunch can be hard to make healthy. But today we were within walking distance of Grub. An amazing award winning breakfast/lunch place that is part owned and ran by a Top Chef contestant from Season 2 Betty Fraser. "Ba-Da-Bing Betty!" The food was great and the place is so cute! I had the Turkey-A-licious sammie with a side salad. It had Oven roasted Turkey Breast, French Brie, Fresh Basil, thick cut Tomatoes, Alfalfa Sprouts, refreshing cucumbers, creamy Dijon and house made zesty Pickled Onions on Cheddar Onion Kaiser. I substituted the bread to WW and the cheese to Cheddar and asked for no creamy Dijon. It was healthful, filling and fun. The menu is full if wise titles and witty descriptions. If you are in Los Angeles you should check it out! When you sit down to eat instead of bread they serve each table a bowl of mixed sugar breakfast cereals like CoCo Puffs and Luckycharms, fun huh? Here is the best pic I could get of my sandwich:
I got off work at 6:30PM and home at 7:20PM. I was officially exhausted and starved!!! I usually don't go that long without a snack, so I made a huge plate of leftover King Ranch Chicken with 1/4 cup of black beans for dinner:In honor of Saturday and pay off for a hard days work; I had 2 of these low cal beers:
Fun fact: 1 Amstel Light has 93 calories!
For dessert I had Yogi Ginger tea:
On the labels of Yogi tea bags they put instpirational words of wisdom. Tonight my tea bag read:Pretty good stuff huh? Along with my tea I had an assortment of dried fruit:

I am now watching "Jon and Kate plus 8", my secret obsession! (Well not anymore:) And later I plan to watch "Stardust". A fantasy adventure movie starring Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Sienna Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ricky Gervais. Awesome cast and perfect way to end this long day! Tomorrows plans: clean the house, yoga, grocery shop and relax! Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!



  1. that restaurant seems so cool!

  2. Your job looks so cool.