Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boo to Traffic School

I am hurting real bad, and I am in a pretty fowl mood, can we say Aunt Flo! My wrist is killing me so I can't type really so this will be short.

As I said I would I wore my HMR at boring, terrible, "I vow to abide all speed limits" traffic school and as I sat on my butt for 8 hours I burned....1148 calories?????? huh? I did walk to my car 4 times to feed the meter but other than that and the occasional trip to the restroom I didn't move much. So why so many calories??? I can only assume ( I have no medical proof) that you burn so many calories a day just by living! and for me I thought that it would be much less! So in these 8 hours to burn almost my daily intake is not so bad! Maybe my metabolism is not as bad as I though!

When I got home I ran around the block a few times to try to shake this buggering down in the dumps mood and burned another 84 calories! But it didn't help the headache, back ache and bloatingggggg.
Here is a recap of me eats from today but due to my wrist I am not going to caption every pic. I packed my lunch to bring to traffic school; a wrap with Tofurkey, munster cheese, lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, mustard it was ok, not anything mindblowing, and an apple. The rest of the pics are pretty self explanatory. I have been a creature of habit of late. I will get to your blogs tomorrow! I love all your complements on my Hand Made Larabars! You guys are the best! Really worth a try!

Goodnight everyone, I am off to soak in the tub with a glass of wine to erase this day! The pictures start with my bfast:



  1. oh wow all your food looks so yummy!

    blegh i hate aunt flo~ hope you feel better, i'm sure the wine and bath helped! =)

  2. Yeah you burn a certain amount of calories per day, even if you were just to lie in bed. I forget what it is called right now...BMR or something. It's more calories than one would think, though! I want a heart rate monitor!
    I especially like your breakfast photo--is that a greek yogurt combo?

  3. Lara- It's crazy how many calories we burn! You should totaly get a HRM they work so well and you can really see the changes in your workouts! Yes the bfast is the blueberry oat greek yogurt combo1 A new fave you will see it a lot!

  4. That's really interesting about the HRM - I've wondered what they would say if you just sat around all day, good to know!

    Love the muenster cheese :D

  5. Wow, that's a lot of calories you burned! Your breakfast looks soooo yummy!