Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Larabars and Scrambles and Work... OH MY!

Hello Everyone!
This morning I had cereal to switch it up with 1 cup Kashi Sunshine, 1 cup Heritage flakes, 1 shot almonds, 1 shot raisins, 1 shot Crasins, 1/2 banana and 1 cup skim milk. It was filling for the moment but I really find that oatmeal sticks with me MUCH longer! And the rest of the day I feel fuller.
So having said that I had Mrs. May's Cashew clusters and an apple 2 hours later:
I had some motivation to DO something before my shift at 1pm but I was not sure what! I wanted to run by the 24 Hour to get my pass but felt the need to do some cleaning around the house instead. That didn't last long so I went online to check Self's wed fitness tips. The routine:
-50 reps calf raises (releves)
-50 crunches on the balance ball
-50 crunches on the ball with leg lifts
-40 reps butt leg lifts each side
-40 laying down leg lifts each side
-40 reverse leg lifts
-2 sets 1 min plank
-35 reps seated attitude lift each side
-3 sets of 10 pelvic lifts each side
This type of strength training doesn't feel like much to me and didn't get me sweating or "feeling the burn" but it was something and I feel good about doing it.
Any tips on at home strength training with actual results????

Back to my "filling the time" activities- I then remembered how I have been wanting to make my own Larabars with the dates I bought at Costco- One huge tub!! I also keep raw nuts in the freezer so I pulled out the last of the Walnuts and grabbed the dated and started chopping!

Home Made Larabars:
  • 1 cup raw walnuts or any nut of preference
  • 1.5 cups dates

Chop dates and set aside, chop nuts and mix with dates on a flat surface. Kneed together until it forms a ball or chunk. Roll out with hands to a flat even square shape about 1 inch thick. Cut into desired shape and package separately in zip-lock bags or Saran wrap. Place bars in Tupperware and into the fridge to harden. Remove and enjoy your very own home made Larabar!!!

I made about 6 with this amount of ingredients! They are so easy and yummy! You could probably do this in a food processor but it might get all sticky so I say use your hands! This is a fresher, cheaper, and more fun way to enjoy this blogtastic treat!!! Here are the steps:

They are a tad smaller than your average pen!
Neat! I also tried a new gum, I don't know if ya'll know this about me yet but I am an avid gum chewer!!! Any one else crazy for gum?
My verdict; nice chew factor, good flavor! Very mangolicious! But the flavor faded way too fast:(
Lunch today was a bit of an experiment. I purchased QucikWhites in the carton from TJ's and have been a bit scared to try them. I am glad I did because they are perfect in every way! I made an egg white scramble pita pocket with
-3 tbsp egg whites
-6 cloves garlic sliced- I love garlic!
-1/4 chopped onion
-1 small green bell pepper chopped
-sprinkle of Emeril seasoning
-dab of butter
Saute in pan until lightly brown and peppers are soft:
Pour in egg whites:
Scramble veggies and eggs until done:
I put mine in a WW pita topped with a tbsp of Fage 0% and a side of tomato and broccoli!!
This meal was super tasty and full of nutrients!!! I had a small glass of Peppermint Chocolate Soymilk! I love how thick and creamy it is! Next time I will try microwaving a cup for a hot chocolate!
I left for my shift after lunch and returned home 3.5 hours later for my snack! I live across the way from the Cafe I work at- convenient huh? I of course had to try my Larabars and they were much better than the store bought ones in my opinion! You gotta try this!
After work I came home to eat a few veggies to tied me over until Sean came home.
Sorry for the bad lighting! For dinner I had the leftover Kale and Tofu!!! With lots of microwaved brown rice:

Well I am off to snuggle on the couch with Ella and Sean and watch the new Top Chef! Man I gotta stop typing- my wrist is killing me! I hope it goes away so I can keep up with comments for ya'll!




  1. The Larabars are so cool! I have seen people do it before but they always use a food processor and I don't have one--maybe I'll try it with my hands?

  2. Awesome Larabars! Your eats look great today! Love your cereal pic. I'm a gum addict too. I'll have to try that flavor!

  3. good job making the larabars and the pita looks awesome!

    I do consider myself to somewhat of a gum connoisseur. haha. So far I have found that all the fruity flavored gums ALWAYS lose their flavor too fast. The best gum I have found yet is extra last forever!

    have a great day girl :)

  4. First of all, I'm a gum addict! Ever since I quit smoking which was AGES ago! Pretty much every time I go to Costco I buy a box and I'm always trying out new kinds. Lately Stride has been my gum of choice though - the green and blue ones. The flavor lasts forEVER!

    Garlic? Also a big favorite. Everytime a recipe calls for it I double or triple what they say! And none of that prechopped stuff. All fresh!

    And finally the Larabars. You're the first person I've seen do it without a food processor which I never wanted to bother with. You made it look much easier so I'm DEFINITELY going to try this, probably this weekend since I also have a big ol' tub of dates from Costco!

  5. I need to make those homemade Larabars you make it look so easy!!!!

  6. Scrambled pita pockets and homemade larabars?! YUM!!

    I am addicted to gum as well :)

  7. Scrambled pita pockets look great, as do your bars!

    For the strength training, lots of leg lifts and lunges and squats will be great for the legs. Try different variations of them- walking lunges, side lunges, one leg up on a stability ball, holding weights etc. And walking, too- I LOVE the effect that walking has on strengthening legs and really toning them.