Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When cookies come to work.....

Hello Bloggeristas!!!!

I will start with what snacks I had last night after I blogged, here are the goods:

Yogi Licorice tea, again!

The wise mantra:

I totally agree! Moving right along to this morning. I had a cup of coffee accompanied by the one and only straptastic Strap Perfect! My dad of all people saw this on tv and bought it for me, my sis and mama- hehe! I also had a bowl of oatmeal, with 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 shot Craisins, 1/2 shot raisins, 1/2 shot Bare Naked Granola, sprinkle of Cinnamon, 1 med banana with 1/2 smashed in and 1/2 on top:

Thanks to everyone who checked out my blog for the first time!!! I love ya'll for taking a liken to the Kale and Tofu and my handy dandy shot glass measuring tool! It really works! And a special shout out to my girl Meghann at graduatemeghann.com/. Her blog is great for recipes and tips on staying fit! She is a marathon runner and is such an inspiration to me!!!
Continuing right along. On my way to work I had a few of Mrs. May's almond clusters:
They are super good! Toasted nuts are so yummy and crunchy! As I said I would I wore my HRM for test #2- a day on set.
The totals:
Time- 5:40
Calories- 1058!!!!! Heck yea!
As I assumed I burned more calories on set versus at the coffee shop due to the vigorous work. Today was an unusually short day so I am sure with a regular 14 hour day the numbers would be outrageous!
For my mid morning snack I had a Luna Bar in yummy Lemon Zest- an old time fave, this was the first Luna bar I ever tired oh so long ago! It is sitting foggy on a pile of MDF that we broke down today.
MDF is very expensive and so is the Chroma paint. We usually have no use for it when the show is done and it usually gets trashed :( This show we aimed to be more GREEN (no pun intended) and put an add up on a free recycler website! We got a ton of replies to pick it up! We gave it to a girl doing a low-budget music video who offered to bake us cookies!! They were Sea Salt Oatmeal!!! Strange, good and crispy! I had a few bites of this cookie:
I prefer chewy cookies to crunchy so it was not my fave, but free cookies hey why not! For lunch today we went back to Grub! This was the lunch menu only so the table goodies were not sugar cereal but VEGGIES, pretzels and ranch dressing! I had a few cucumber spears, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes-yumm.
For my meal I had the Mediterranean w-RAP! Here is the description: No, this ain’t a Greek Fisherman singing about his woes…It’s a yummy combo of Couscous, Spicy Lemon Hummus, Kalamata Olives, marinated Artichoke Hearts, French Feta, Tomatoes, chopped Romaine & Basil in a Spinach Wrap…”My baby left me for the sea, she, she, she…
I ate half at lunch and rest for my afternoon snack! It was sooooooo good a tad bit too salty for me (I rarely use salt in my cooking) with the feta and the kalamata olives, but very filling! The best part......Betty was there today and when she served us she called me pumpkin!!! I was star struck for sure. That woman can cook!
I had a minor disaster tonight! My wrist has been super sore from Saturday's painting and lifting and it has only gotten worse since-yikes! So tonight after work I decided to go check it out. I went to Kaiser and waited for a good 2 hours before I was diagnosed "a strained wrist to be medicated with ibuprofen and try to not use it for a few days" Hello! I could have told you that! GRRRRRR! A waist of time and moola, but at least I know it's nothing serious.
For dinner I planned on eating my left over Kale and Tofu but wanted to change it up so I could have it tomorrow! I microwaved a huge Yam cut it in half and topped it with a dab of butter and pepper. On the side I had Romain, cucumber, a Roma tomato, broccoli and a heaping spoon of Eggplant Hummus! It was satiated!
For dessert I snacked on some more of my popular dried fruit medley:
I am going to get to all your blogs tomorrow because I am a dork and want to watch the premier of American Idol!
In honor of my fellow blogger's in colder climates I am leaving you with some pics from my Spain trip:

"ooo la la whole wheat pasta!"

Good night everybody! And have a great hump day tomorrow!



  1. I meant to say something earlier but I think it's cool that you did a guest post :) Love it!
    Cute photos from SPain--and what a colorful dinner!

  2. P.S. I just "tagged" you on my blog--no pressure though!

  3. I love that the tabel goodies were veggies! I wish more places would do that! Though I'd probably prefer veggies & hummus instead of dip but w/e :D

    Your wrap looks quite good too! I can see how it would be salty though.

  4. I am jealous of ALL your eats! Especially lunch and the cookie - yum!

  5. Thinspired- you are so getting tagged!!! thanks for checking out the guest post!

    Kim- I agree about the hummus vs. dip, I used to eat ranch as a kid and don't much anymore due to the high fat, i didn't have any with my veggies, i love veggies too much to smear them with any other flavor!

    Ksgoodeats- the cookie was tasty, but not my fave.

  6. Yummy oatmeal bowl! Those yogi tea sayings are always so goood!

  7. that is so funny that your dad bought you those strap perfect things! haha. I have seen those on T.V. and wondered if they really worked!

    That wrap looks sooo good. Thanks for the suggestion about the sandwich for lunch...i think im gonna try it!

  8. oh my gosh all of your pictures look sooo good!! yum!

  9. Hi, I just found your blog! Great eats today! I love your oatmeal!

  10. Hey! Wow sorry, somehow I must have missed the tag?! I don't remember that! :( Oh about foodbuzz--they can take a while to communicate so don't get discouraged. Sometimes things move kind of slow in my experience with them.

  11. strongandhealthy- thanks for stopping by!