Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner with babies

Tonight was so much fun! I really enjoy my little dinner parties we've been hosting lately. On the tonight's Menu:
Sean's Slow Roasted Pork and Beans with lots of garlic and lots of spice atop Frito's, with lettuce and cheese. Biscuits on the side with Beer.
I only had one glass. Beer usually goes hard with a hearty meal like tonight!
For my plate is made a healthier substitute; instead of Frito's is used left over brown rice and twice as much lettuce with only a couple of chips and 2% cheese.I couldn't resist a taste of a Biscuit- oops! I have a no oil recipe for biscuits that I am dying to try, but tonight was full fat and delicious!
The entertainment of the evening....introducing...Naomi!!!
I'm sad they are returning to Sonoma tomorrow, but they will be back in April so I have something to look forward to :)
Now I am off to do dishes and watch Walk the Line. Sean and I love this movie, but fell asleep watching it last night so the second half is our bedtime story.


  1. how cute is naomi! adorable!!!!

  2. Thank you I am a proud auntie!