Sunday, January 18, 2009

Upset Tummy!

After bfast I finally went to the gym to try out the 24 Hour near to my house ( I want to get the deal they are selling at Costco for $12.95 a month for two years!!) I loved the view in the "penthouse" where the treadmills and other cardio machines are! I ran for 20 min and did some Elliptical and some stairs. Equaling to 38 min and 373 calories burned!! It felt soooooo nice to get to a gym, oh I have missed it so! I returned home HUNGRY so I busted out whatever was there! This Edemame went off in the fridge and I ate it unknowingly!!! Sean threw up! (It was gross; one minuet he was minding his own business on the couch playing the guitar and the next he was spewing on the floor all the way to the bathroom!!!) I myself have just been battling the urge and have a super upset stomach! But here are the little devils:
Besides from the ad edemame I had a lovely lunch! A huge yam with Fage 0%, a Garden Burger microwaved with Spicy Dijon and Organic Ketchup! And a Roma tomato:

Due to the wobbly tum tums Sean and I stayed home and didn't travel to see my folks :( I missed out on a yummy dinner of home made meatballs and spaghetti with good wine. I am spoiled form my dad's wine selection! For dinner we ended up at Mitsuwa, a Japanese Grocery Store, and I had my usual there: Soba noodles (buckwheat) in hot broth with Sansai Don (veggies) and this time I had some chicken in there too, but the chicken was a bit fatty so I picked it out.
Nothing like a big bowl of hot chicken noodle soup to cure my stomach ache! I also had a cup of green tea:
We picked these up from the store:
They are a childhood fave! Basically they are cookies with fudge inside!
I had one pack:

Yummy!!!! So much fun to eat stuff from when I was a kid! To bad they aren't good for you. We also picked up some movies at the video store and are settling down to watch them now. Being John Malkovich and a Japanese Western. I may have a glass of Vino Tinto to go with my movie but haven't decided yet. I have a very full day tomorrow so I will not be posting til I get home prob for dinner. I am working at the cafe in the morning (at 7am!!) and shopping in the afternoon for a Production Designer in New York who needs some modern furniture and outdoor accessories for a photo shoot here in LA.

Goondinnaught everybody, hope you all have a wonderful Martin Luther King Monday!



  1. Im so sorry you are not feeling well and missed out on home cooked food (always yum!)
    those little bear cookies are adorable! have a great night :)

  2. Koala Yummies!!! I used to have those in my lunch box in elementary school! I haven't seen them in stores in years! They also made chocolate ones with vanilla inside...

  3. Jen- thanks girl!

    Rasberry Runner- I know right! Yes and they have strawberry ones too! I love how you know of these morsels!

  4. Sorry about your tummy! That snack looks so tasty! Have a great day!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE those bear things - I haven't had them in AGES!

    Glad you have a great view while working out :) That's always a plus!

  6. Aw I hope you're feeling better:( The yam and noodles look super tasty. Such adorable cookies!

  7. GET WELL SOON, take some emergency C!

  8. That's terrible about the edamame :(

    And missing out on a delicious homemade meal & wine :D

    Those cookies though are adorable!