Saturday, January 3, 2009

First day of eating a bit lighter...

ACCOMPLISHED! I am posting my pics in reverse tonight, sorry, but the main point is I stuck to the deal with myself to cut my portions in half and eat lighter.
Sean and I went for a run/ bike ( I ran, he rode his bike) up Temescal Canyon this afternoon. Before we left I had tea and an orange, fruit serving #2 of the day. The run was about 1 mile total. We parked at the top and ran/biked down hill to the beach and then turned around and ran/biked back up hill to the car. I have never ran uphill before so this was quite challenging. It was great for me but not so much for Sean, he needs new gears and breaks- yikes! I burned 160 calories in 20 min, not bad but I would have loved to do it more than once, oh well next time Sean will just have to run with me :) Before the run I needed a snack so I had 1/4 of a Carrot Cake Cliff Bar. I really wanted 1/2 of it but Sean said he would eat 1/4 if I ate 1/4 just to see if that would do the trick....and it did!

Later in the day I didn't do too much, I applied for Financial Aid, registered for my first class ( I chose Phsyc 1) and caught up on some blogs. Sounds like everyone had a great NYE. Lunch today was simple and delicious: leftover Pork and beans with a sprinkle of 2% cheese and Red Leaf Lettuce all wrapped up in a WW tortilla with more red leaf on the side, a 1/2 a tomato, and a few rounds of Sweet Potato. Very tasty!

For dinner it was between 2 leftovers- Roasted Pork with Grapes or Pork and Beans. I opted for the Roasted Pork. I heated 3 medallions on the stove with the grapes and some Sesame Ginger Sauce I had in the fridge to change it up a bit. It was very tasty but I couldn't finish it all. On the side I had the last of the leftover brown rice and green beans, a few rounds of Sweet Potato and a Persian cucumber.

Since tonight is Saturday and Sean and I have not had a "date" night in a while, we thought it would be fun to walk to the movies near our house- probably about a 2 miles there and back. We saw The Spirit. It was OK, I liked 300 better. It was a bit too similar to Sin City for my liking, but fun anyways. I packed some homemade popcorn so I could control the amount and calories I snacked on. I ate both these sandwich bags- 120 calories.
Here I am before we left- sorry for the fogginess- I am documenting my size so I can look back in 2 weeks to see the improvements!!
My dinner:

My afternoon snack:
Very yummy tea!
Mid morning snack:

I am excited to see how tomorrow goes. I have to admit I am VERY hungry right now but I am going to try to not have a snack seeing that I am watching my intake. I will fill up on some more tea and then go straight to bed so I can wake to a BIG -well not really- breakfast!!!!!!

Goodnight blog land


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